5 Superb Tips To Get The Best Results From A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery In Dubai

You tried everything. However, that extra belly fat and paunch is too stubborn to go away! When you have skin laxity around your stomach, there are chances that it may not reduce merely through exercise or diet control. Thus, to flatten the abdomen by removing the excess fat and skin in the abdominal wall, you may want to en-route the “tummy-tuck” way. This procedure is called ‘Abdominoplasty.’

In this procedure, an incision is made just above the pubic area. Then, abdominal muscles are exposed by separating the skin from the abdominal wall. Next, the muscles are tightened, reducing the waistline. Next, the excess skin and fat are removed. Then, the remaining skin is re-draped and sutured over the abdominal area bringing the belly button out at the right place.Nevertheless, there are certain things that must be kept in mind to extract the best results from a ‘tummy tuck’ process.

Let’s discuss six useful tips regarding the same:

No ‘tummy tuck’ if you are planning a pregnancy ahead: 

It is always a good idea to have a ‘tummy tuck’ surgery after you are done with having children. Pregnancy stretches the skin and abdominal muscles. Hence, this might compromise the results of the surgery in case you get it done before your pregnancy. The skin might loosen up again, and you may have to repeat the surgery to rectify the same.

Quit smoking: 

To end up with successful surgery results, you need to stop smoking. Your surgeon will advise you to stop smoking at least eight weeks pre-surgery and three months post-surgery. Smoking decreases the blood flow in your body. Thus, it hinders the healing process and may even bring many complications against the surgery. In addition, if healing does not happen fast, you could suffer infection, which is not good news for your ‘tummy tuck’ process.

Good food habit is the key: 

Following a healthy food regime is significant if you want an abdominoplasty surgery to be fruitful. You must make sure that you have a healthy diet before the surgery and continue it even after surgery. This will help achieve long lasting results. Getting advice from a dietitian can also be useful. Staying hydrated will solve half of your problems. Water facilitates the body’s functions. For example, it promotes blood circulation, which helps clear the waste and
distributes oxygen throughout our bodies. This also results in good skin and ultimately assists in the healing process.

Sleeping  well: 

Going to bed on time and having at least 6-8 hours of sleep is essential every 24 hours. This will help in the healing process and allows the body to perform essential reparative and regenerative tasks at cellular level.

Regular Exercise: 

Embracing routine exercise before surgery will help you get to your ideal body weight. Exercise also optimises the lungs and heart better to cope with the stresses of surgery. Post-surgery exercising helps in better blood circulation, improves muscle strength, gets you a good sleep, and keeps your body on a healthful track. A simple routine would be 20-30 minutes of daily brisk walking.

Pro tip

Have a daily routine that reduces day to day stress. At work this may involve prioritisation and delegation of tasks.  Try to minimize stress-creating factors in your lifestyle. Before and after surgery, you only want your body to focus on the required course of action – good health and healing. Isn’t it?!!

Why choose Dr. Adnan?

  • Dr. Adnan will take detailed notes of your medical history during consultation
  • He will analyze deeply if ‘tummy tuck’ is the right procedure for you. Dr Adnan has performed high definition liposuction in patients who thought they needed a tummy tuck procedure with excellent outcomes and No scar. Hence, Dr Adnan makes an individualised plan for each patient suiting their needs
  • Dr Adnan will explain the treatment plan, expectations, post-operative recovery, precautions to be taken, and risks.
  • You can explicitly ask your queries regarding the cost incurred in a tummy tuck surgery in Dubai and get a clear picture of the entire process.

Try staying diligent and maintain a disciplined lifestyle as much as possible. Remember, the process will  become extra smooth if you put in effort from your end as well.