For many men, achieving well-defined abdominal muscles can be a challenging task, even with rigorous exercise and dieting. However, there is now a solution that can help eliminate stubborn stomach fat and create the chiseled abs you desire – abdominal etching.


What is abdominal etching?


Abdominal etching is a cosmetic procedure that involves strategically removing fat deposits between the stomach muscles, leaving the fat on top of them.

This technique highlights and sculpts the natural abdominal musculature, creating a more fit and firm appearance with a visibly defined effect.

Skilled surgeons like Dr Adnan uses VASER liposuction, or power-assisted liposuction, to perform ab sculpting surgery to achieve the desired athletic look expected from male abdominal etching.


Benefits of abdominal etching


Male patients who undergo male abdominal etching experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Quick and comfortable recovery.
  • Long-lasting results, as the procedure permanently eliminates fat in targeted areas.
  • Minimal to no scarring.
  • Tighter abdominal skin.
  • Improved athletic physique, accentuating the muscles.
  • Increased confidence in appearance.


Candidates for abdominal etching


Good candidates for male abdominal etching have a small amount of stubborn abdominal fat that resists burning off through regular diet and exercise. They should be non-smokers, have less than 20% body fat and possess a moderate level of abdominal strength.

If you have a pre-existing condition that could affect the body’s healing process after the procedure, then let your surgeon know.

Ideal candidates embrace a healthy, active lifestyle and recognise that abdominal etching is not a weight loss solution but a body contouring procedure for those close to their goal weight.


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The abdominal etching procedure – a brief overview


The procedure is made up of the  following steps:

  1. Pre-surgery body marking: Dr Adnan marks the areas for sculpting on your abdomen to guide the precise fat removal and contouring.
  2. Application of anaesthesia: An anaesthesia is administered for your comfort during the procedure.
  3. Creation of small incisions (ports): Small, inconspicuous incisions are made around the belly button or muscle indentations are created to allow the insertion of the cannula.
  4. Insertion of the cannula for fat loosening and suctioning: The cannula is inserted through the incisions to gently loosen and suction out excess fat, sculpting the abdominal muscles.
  5. Closure and dressing of incisions, compression garment: Incisions are closed, and a compression garment is placed over the treated area to support healing and minimise swelling.

The procedure is completed with meticulous artistry, ensuring beautifully defined abdominal muscles and a successful outcome.


Combining abdominal etching with other procedures 


Abdominal etching may be combined with other procedures, such as skin tightening, liposuction in other areas (e.g., love handles) and male breast reduction, depending on each patient’s individual needs.


Recovery and downtime


After ab sculpting surgery, patients can expect minimal downtime. Typically, there is only one day of downtime and no stitches are needed. Most individuals can return to work within a few days, although it may take up to two weeks or longer in case of complications.

You may expect significant after-effects, such as swelling, bruising and fluid retention,  which should start to subside within a week after surgery. Swelling usually diminishes completely within six to eight weeks.

Patients are recommended to wear a compression garment continuously for three to six weeks to help the skin conform to the new body contours. The full effects of the ab sculpting surgery usually become evident within three to six months.


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What to expect after abdominal etching?


It is important not to drive yourself home after the procedure. Have a friend or family member accompany you and stay with you for the first 24 hours to assist with household tasks.

Rest during the initial days is crucial, and while bruising and swelling may occur, they will significantly diminish within the first week. Wearing a compression garment post-surgery for a few weeks may help ease discomfort and reduce swelling.


Results of ab sculpting surgery


Incisions made during the procedure are strategically placed in areas that are easy to conceal, such as the belly button or muscle indentations, resulting in minimal scarring.

As swelling subsides, the abdomen appears slimmer, and the abdominal muscles become clearly defined. The skin-tightening effects of SmartLipo and VASER contribute to a tighter and more natural-looking fit over the toned abdominal muscles.

Over time, the results of the ab etching procedure continue to improve, with final outcomes becoming apparent within six months.


Cost considerations


The cost of abdominal etching can vary based on factors like the amount of fat to be removed, the duration of the procedure, and the surgeon’s skill level in delivering the desired results.


Why choose Dr Adnan for abdominal etching?

Dr Adnan is the ideal choice for abdominal etching due to his extensive training, skill, and consistent delivery of desired outcomes. His expertise in VASER liposuction and etching technique ensures the best possible results for achieving toned and defined abs. With Dr Adnan, your body will finally reflect the hard work you’ve put into achieving your desired physique.

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