About Sagging Breasts (Breast Ptosis) & How To Fix Them!

Saggy Breast

Sagging breasts (breast ptosis) are a natural and common phenomenon women have to undergo. Female breasts are made of ligaments and fats, so fat or collagen loss eventually leads to volume loss. But, there are several lifestyle and behavioural factors that can also make your breasts saggy and droopy prematurely. 


What Causes Saggy Breasts (Breast Ptosis)?


  1. Lack of proper support– Lack of proper support may deflate breasts and cause unnecessary wrinkling while the gravity forces a downward pull on the breasts, making them limp. 
  2. Poor postures–  Persistently sitting or lying in an improper posture makes breasts bulky and also creates fat rolls.
  3. Sunburn– The UV rays from the sun can damage skin and cause collagen and elasticity loss, making breast skin prone to loosening.
  4. Smoking- Smoking hampers cells’ natural repairing system and reduces elasticity. Therefore, the skin looks dull and creasy. The same applies to breast skin that can sag easily.
  5. Weight Fluctuations– Significant weight loss while having less elastic skin can cause breasts to sag due to volume loss.

But breast sagging caused by natural ageing or breastfeeding may cause significant and irreversible changes to breasts’ proportion and appearance.


Women with saggy breasts (breast ptosis) look older than their peers and feel less confident. In such a case, Dr Adnan Tahir can help you with a surgical solution.


He may also suggest a breast augmentation for older women whose breasts have reduced in size. Typically, a mummy makeover is another recommended procedure for after-pregnancy women. It is a comprehensive procedure to tone women’s bodies and breasts and help attain a pre-pregnancy physique.


            A comprehensive comparison of breast surgeries- to fix saggy breasts (breast ptosis)


  Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Mastopexy with Augmentation  As Part Of A Mummy Makeover
Does it help solve the breast ptosis problem? Yes Yes Yes
Recommended For Women having droopy and saggy breasts (breast ptosis) due to ageing but have sufficient breast volume.
Some women who are done with their pregnancies also choose to breast lift procedure.
Typically, women choose breast augmentation to overcome breast volume loss caused by postmenopause estrogen reduction which also reduces breast size. Best recommended for new mummies. Mummy makeover is a comprehensive group of procedures tailored to individual clients after their pregnancy.
A breast lift and breast augmentation is an important aspect of a mummy makeover that helps women attain a pre-pregnancy body and get rid of breast ptosis. 
The Process The surgery aims to lift the breast upright to give them a firm and perkier look and feel.
The extra skin is removed and sutured to make “taut” breasts.
The nipples are repositioned symmetrically in an upright position.
The breast augmentation adds volume to breasts, while mastopexy lifts breasts and eliminates breast ptosis. Each mummy makeover is different, but women can expect appealing breasts with minimal to no sagginess after the procedure.

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Why is breast surgery considered the only permanent fix for saggy breasts (breast ptosis)?


The conventional, non-surgical modes such as healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle customisation cannot undo the breast sagginess. However, surgery helps sculpt the excess fat or skin from the breasts, making them firm, upright and appealing. Excess hanging skin causing sagginess is permanently eliminated with any of the above surgeries. 

Having the surgery (for breast ptosis)- is almost an instant solution,  which will boost your self-image and self-confidence in numerous ways!

 Dr Adnan Tahir is an elite cosmetic expert and plastic surgeon in Dubai. With his minimalistic surgery approach, he brings a huge transformation in your aesthetics and confidence.

Many women, who have had a breast lift, breast augmentation, or mummy makeover admitted a massive boost of confidence and better performance in their social life. So, consult Dr Adnan to know how you can improve your life with aesthetic surgeries.


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Some frequently asked questions about breast ptosis


Why does breastfeeding cause breast ptosis?


During pregnancy, the woman’s breast volume increases due to milk-producing glands and tissue expansion. Whereas after the lactation phase, when the milk ducts shrink and the fat reduces, the volume of the breasts decreases but the expanded skin does not. Therefore, the breasts tend to crease, sag and droop.


Why isn’t exercise and diet fixing my sagging breasts (breast ptosis)?


Exercise strengthens muscles and helps the body bring them into proportion. But breast ptosis cannot be fixed with exercise because breasts are simply fat glands and not muscle. Hence, diet or workouts cannot tone and reverse sagging breasts on their own.

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