Arm Lift in Dubai | Brachioplasty

Arm Lift in Dubai

Quick Information

Surgery time

Generally between 2-4 hours


Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia

Night or day stay

1-night hospitalization required

Recovery Period

3-4 weeks required for healing or recovery

Post-operative Care

Rest, avoid exercise or strenuous activities, take timely medications comprising antibiotics and pain killers


An upper arm lift or Brachioplasty reshapes the upper arm to tighten the loose skin and remove the fat that often creates a “batwing” appearance under the arm. Removing the excess skin caused by weight loss or natural aging is sometimes combined with liposuction to achieve the best results.

Dr. Adnan Tahir

When to consider an upper arm lift Surgery in Dubai?

  • If your weight is normal, but you feel your shape could be better by getting rid of looseness under the arms.
  • If you have lost a massive amount of weight and are left with excess upper-arm skin and fat that resemble bat wings.
  • If you are willing to accept a scar in exchange for shapelier arms.


How is an arm lift surgery performed?

First, the surgeon makes an incision in front of your upper arm. The next step is to make a pocket in the armpit, which creates an opening for the attachment of the suction cup, thus allowing for the insertion of the needle. Then the tissue is transferred in two stages, firstly to the subcutaneous layer of fat on the underside of your arm and then to the muscles. 

The arm lift surgery includes an incision down to the bone, which will have a vertical split in it. The last step of an upper arm lift surgery is the suturing or stapling of the incisions.

What are the benefits of an upper arm lift surgery?

You will look much better in figure-hugging clothes.

  • You will have increased confidence and a better self-image.
  • You will be able to wear short-sleeve or sleeveless clothing without feeling self-conscious.
  • You will have visible scars along the insides of your arms, extending from the armpit to the elbow.
  • If your sagging underarm skin is not excessive, an upper arm lift may not be worth the resulting scars (in this case, you could consider limited-incision Brachioplasty or liposuction).
  • Your surgeon will not be able to predict exactly how your scars will look.


Dr Adnan will be happy to discuss whether this procedure is right for you and how it could transform your life in an initial consultation.

What to expect after an upper arm lift surgery?

After surgery of this type, there may be some bruising and swelling in the arm. It is also common for there to be a little bit of pain after the surgery. The proper treatment will be tailored to the patient’s individual situation, but it is important that they not put a strain on their healing arm. Recovery will take several weeks, with most patients being able to return to work within five weeks of the procedure.


Upper arm lift in Dubai - Dr Adnan Tahir

What is the cost of an Upper Arm Lift in Dubai?

The cost of the Upper Arm lift starts from 35,000 AED (excluding VAT). The final cost is determined at the time of consultation which varies for every individual depending on the following factors:

  • The complexity of the procedure
  • Medication costs
  • Follow-up visits
  • General fee of the surgeon and clinic


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