Can breast augmentation correct breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is a natural phenomenon that most women experience to some degree. While slight variations in breast size, shape, or position are normal, more pronounced differences can mean you feel self-conscious and less confident than usual, especially in swimwear or summer clothing.


If you find yourself struggling with breast asymmetry and its effect on your self-esteem, rest assured that effective solutions are available. Dr Adnan, a distinguished plastic surgeon in Dubai, is here to help you regain your confidence.

What causes breast asymmetry?

Breast tissue is an intricate combination of fat, milk ducts, glands, nerves, and blood vessels. 


Beneath the breast lies the pectoral muscles, playing a significant role in breast shape and symmetry and also one of the breast asymmetry reasons behind asymmetry.

Any discrepancies in adipose (fat-storing) tissue, muscle development or glandular composition can contribute to noticeable breast asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry causes also include hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or menopause, puberty-driven hypertrophy (increase in volume), weight fluctuations and the natural ageing process.

Temporary fixes for symmetry enhancement

Many women have explored temporary or external remedies to create the illusion of breast symmetry. The use of padded bras, with padding removed from one side or the application of silicone bra inserts (often humorously referred to as “chicken cutlets” due to their appearance) are common practices. 


However, these external methods present several challenges: 


Instability: Inserts and padding have a tendency to shift and move, only adding to feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort.

Amplified asymmetry: Improperly used inserts can accentuate existing asymmetry, creating a counterproductive effect.

Limited applicability: Padded solutions can be seen when wearing swimwear or lingerie.

Unsustainability: Inserts are not a comprehensive solution as they’re not always accessible or suitable for every situation.

Surgical alternative for breast asymmetry correction

When dealing with significant breast asymmetry that has a notable impact on self-confidence, surgical interventions offer lasting solutions tailored to individual needs. 


If you have a significant difference in the sizes of your breasts or if you want to increase volume, breast augmentation is a great option. Dr Adnan can insert an implant into the smaller breast to match its larger counterpart. 


Alternatively, asymmetry can be addressed through dual implants of varying sizes, simultaneously achieving volume enhancement and symmetry correction. 


Sometimes, breast reduction or a breast lift may also help in asymmetry correction. Dr Adnan adeptly removes excess skin and tightens underlying tissues, restoring firmness and creating a balance between the breasts.


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Can breast augmentation correct asymmetrical breasts?

Yes, breast augmentation can be an effective option for correcting asymmetrical breasts. Breast augmentation involves the use of implants to enhance the size, shape and symmetry of the breasts. 


For asymmetrical breasts, Dr Adnan can insert an implant into the smaller breast to match the size of the larger breast, achieving a more balanced appearance.


Additionally, breast augmentation can address other concerns related to breast asymmetry, such as differences in volume or shape. Dr Adnan can use implants of different sizes or shapes to achieve a more harmonious and balanced overall breast appearance.

The advantages of breast augmentation in asymmetry correction

Breast augmentation surgery is an excellent choice for women seeking to address breast asymmetry. Implants not only deliver a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look but also offer a permanent resolution to the issue.

Many women have chosen breast augmentation to effectively counteract the challenges posed by asymmetry.

Ideal candidates for asymmetry correction with breast augmentation


Women whose breasts are asymmetric and who are in generally good health are prime candidates for breast augmentation surgery. 


As long as you are not living with any medical conditions that could increase the risks associated with surgical procedures, you can go ahead after discussion with your surgeon. Realistic expectations regarding scarring and potential side effects are crucial for ensuring overall patient satisfaction and a positive recovery experience.


The surgical journey: what to anticipate

The methodology and incisions employed for breast augmentation surgery vary, depending upon implant preference and patient requirements.

During your consultation, Dr Adnan will have detailed discussions with you about : 

  • Implant composition
  • Incision placement 
  • Implant size and shape 
  • Implant profile 
  • Implant placement relative to muscles


You will have a general anaesthetic before surgery, when your implants will be precisely positioned to achieve breast symmetry.

After the procedure, you should expect some tenderness, bruising, and swelling around the breast area, all of which will gradually abate as healing progresses.


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Choose Dr Adnan, the expert in breast asymmetry surgery

Breast asymmetry is a common concern that impacts many women, affecting their self-esteem and confidence. 

Choosing the right surgeon is paramount when seeking a solution for breast asymmetry. Dr Adnan Tahir’s unparalleled expertise, coupled with his commitment to patient wellbeing, ensures that each individual receives a customised treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

While breast augmentation via implants is an optimal choice for certain individuals, alternate approaches like breast lifts or breast reduction surgeries may be a better option. Dr Adnan can discuss these choices with you at your consultation. 


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By choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr Adnan, you can embark on a transformative journey toward improved self-confidence and a sense of wellbeing.