Advanced Breast Augmentation in Dubai​

– Enhancing your contours & confidence with a fully customized procedure​

Advanced Breast
Augmentation in Dubai

– Enhancing your contours & confidence with
a fully customized procedure

Quick Information

Surgery time

1 Hour


Usually performed under general anesthesia

Night or day stay

Day surgery

Recovery Period

Takes one week to go back to work. Full recovery may take few months.

Post-operative Care

Sleep facing up, rest, do not exercise or perform strenuous activities, take antibiotics and pain killers as prescribed, and wear the surgical bra.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation in Dubai is a surgical procedure that increases breast volume and affects breast shape. Breast Augmentation is also referred to as ‘Boob job’ & ‘Augmentation mammoplasty.’ Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular procedure globally, with approximately 1.7 million procedures performed each year. One of the most significant advantages of breast augmentation is its completely customizable procedure with different breast implant brands, sizes, shapes, profiles, and textures to choose from.
Women who have had these procedures report increased self-confidence and improved physical appearance in proportion to the rest of their bodies.
Typically, Breast Augmentation in Dubai is performed through one of the following three modalities.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants

Autologous Fat Transfer

If you are planning for breast augmentation in Dubai and looking for the best breast augmentation surgeon, contact Dr. Adnan Tahir today.

Dr. Adnan Tahir

Dr. Adnan Tahir
On Hybrid Breast Augmentation

It is my opinion that whenever possible, primary breast augmentation should be performed in front of the pectoral muscles with or without fat grafting, depending on the patient’s requirements. Sub-pectoral or dual plane breast augmentation (behind the muscle) should be used for secondary and reconstructive breast procedures. It should have little or no place in primary breast augmentation given the current advancement in hybrid techniques and 6th generation breast implants.

Advantages of Hybrid Breast Augmentation

The reason for adding fat to a breast implant in a breast augmentation procedure is to soften the edges around the implant to give it a more natural look.

One can use small implants in this procedure, hence potentially reducing long-term issues with large implants.

Another advantage of hybrid breast augmentation is that it gives the breast surgeon a chance to sculpt the breast shape that cannot happen with implants alone.

A round ergonomic implant is usually combined with the fat transfer procedure to create a more natural shape, increased projection, and volume in the upper pole.

Hybrid breast surgery carefully preserves strength and muscle function and delivers outcomes that are not possible with either individual technique of implants or fat grafting.

It also has the advantage of removing unwanted fat from the body using liposuction.

Hybrid techniques increase the price tag of breast augmentation compared to implants alone. In addition, patients have to be counseled appropriately, and each treatment has to be individualized.

Breast Implants Based Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants are prosthetic packets used to enlarge and enhance breast size and shape. Dr. Adnan uses Motiva Ergonomix implants because they adapt, like natural breast tissue, to gravitational changes and different positions. Hence they give the most natural ‘look and feel’ after breast augmentation with implants, making this an attractive option.

Being one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Dubai, Dr. Adnan uses virtual reality software called Crisalix to create your augmented model based on your breast tissue characteristics and measurements during your consultation.
Dr. Adnan will personalize your treatment plan and discuss the risks and side effects associated with breast implants and the procedure.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Fat transferor autologous fat grafting is an alternative way to increase the volume of breasts using your unwanted body fat.

This surgical procedure involves liposuction to remove fat cells from the tummy, hips, thighs, and other fat-abundant body areas and then transfer them to breasts.
Fat transfer can look more natural than implants in selected patients with no surgical scar. However, autologous fat grafting is only suitable for candidates who wish to increase breast volume and are happy with the existing shape of the breast. This procedure has little impact on breast shape and projection and does not lift saggy breasts.

Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer is the perfect procedure for women who wish to have larger and fuller breasts without having breast implants. It is also a very common technique for breast reconstruction cases following a mastectomy, correcting genetic deformities, or improving the appearance of tuberous breasts and Poland Syndrome (underdeveloped breasts).

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as natural breast augmentation or scarless breast augmentation, is performed in women who want to use their natural fat cells to achieve fuller breasts without worrying about revision surgeries or getting breast implant removal procedures in the future.


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Suitable Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Only a qualified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgeries, such as Dr. Adnan Tahir, can determine whether or not you are a good candidate for surgery.


Breast Implant Size

One of the most common concerns among breast augmentation patients is implant size. But there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. “CC’s” – Cubic Centimeters – are used to measure implant sizes. Breast implants range in size from 100 CC to 800 CC, but the most common sizes are 300 and 400 CC. The following size ranges can be considered in general:

You will need to tell Dr. Adnan or any breast surgeon what look you want to achieve to find the right implant size for you. To determine a range of breast implant sizes that would achieve a proportionate improvement while reducing the risk of complications, in the long run, measurements such as your height, weight, shoulder, and ribcage width must be taken into account.

Breast implants that are too large will suggest obvious surgical modification (fake look). In contrast, implants that are too small will not affect a woman’s breast size and body contour, making the change ineffective.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implant shape is also a major factor to consider if you’ve decided to get a breast augmentation. There are two distinct forms:

Round Shape


The round shape was the first implant to hit the market, and it remains the most popular. Round implants will give your mammary glands a fuller appearance at the top, making them a great choice for women who want a more pronounced cleavage or have a firm lift and want a perky look. Round implants are available in a variety of projections, ranging from low to high.

Round Shape Implant


Teardrop-shaped implants give your mammary glands a more natural appearance. The bottom is fuller than the top in this shape, but that doesn't mean there won't be cleavage; it just means the fulness is concentrated more at the bottom.

Round Shape Implant


An ergonomic implant has a free shape that mimics the dynamics of natural mammary glands. These advanced Implants are designed with round or oval bases to suit a variety of thorax shapes naturally. Dr Adnan prefers the Motiva Ergonomix® implant which is the world’s first ergonomic silicone implant with a wide range of advantages over other implant shapes.

Placement of Breast Implants

Breast implants will be placed in the previously chosen position after the incisions have been made. There are three different types of breast implant placement, and there is no right or wrong option – all of them are safe and reliable, and Dr. Adnan will recommend the best implant placement approach for your specific case based on your body type, implant size, and chest characteristics:


Between the breast tissue and the muscle, the breast implant is placed. This technique is considered less invasive than the submuscular technique, with a faster and more comfortable recovery.


Under the pectoral muscle, breast implants are placed. This method usually produces more natural results, especially in very thin patients or those with very little breast tissue because the implant is covered by natural body tissues. Submuscular implant placement also improves implant support while lowering the risk of capsular contracture.


It is the most advanced breast implant placement technique, in which a pocket is created beneath the pectoral muscle, a muscle that protrudes from the chest wall, to accommodate the implant. As a result, a two-plane dissection is left, with two-thirds of the implant under the muscle and the lower third in the Sub glandular plane. This technique provides a very realistic appearance and feel, as well as excellent muscular support and fulness.

Breast Augmentation Recovery and Downtime

Here’s everything you need to know about the recovery process for breast augmentation in Dubai, including how you’ll feel, what to expect, and how to care for your new breasts. Each patient is unique, and each patient’s recovery will be unique as well


You may feel sleepy and tired for a while after waking up from general anesthesia. You will stay at the clinic for one night and then return home the next day. You will not be able to drive, so make the necessary arrangements by asking a family member or friend.


The first three days after surgery are the most difficult, and you may feel discomfort, pain, and pressure in your chest area. Take medication as directed by your breast surgeon to help you feel more at ease during your recovery.
Some patients will require rest during this time, while others can engage in simple activities such as walking or preparing simple meals at home.
At this point, lymphatic drainage massages may be required to reduce edema and speed recovery.


After the first week, you will be able to resume many of your daily activities, such as driving, light housecleaning, self-care, and simple chores.
The implants begin to settle into place after the first week, so take it easy and avoid strenuous activities, especially those that affect your arms and chest.



After four weeks, you can start doing heavy exercises). If you are healing as expected, you can also go to the beach (avoid direct sun exposure on the scar area).
After a month, you will be completely clear and ready to begin your “new life.” You may wear your new bras, which include an underwire option, and you may engage in intimate breast activities.

What To Expect from Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You can expect larger, fuller, and perkier breasts if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery.
However, it’s important to note that surgery will not alter your breasts’ natural characteristics, such as shape, areola, or nipples.
Additional surgery techniques may be combined with breast augmentation in some cases to achieve the best results.
Being the best plastic surgeon in Dubai for breast augmentation, Dr. Adnan Tahir will take note of your natural breast characteristics during your consultation and recommend the best surgical plan for you.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Dubai

Breast enlargement costs start from 30,000 AED excluding VAT. The final cost is determined after consultation and may vary.
Your cost of breast implants in Dubai mainly depends on the implant type and material used. The fee for implant surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon but generally ranges between AED 30,000 and higher.
These costs included and are affected by several aspects of the surgery, which include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

In general, anyone who is 18+ years of age and in good health with no serious ongoing medical conditions is suitable for this procedure. Breast Augmentation is ideal for women who want to increase their breast volume and cup size, correct breast asymmetry, address congenital conditions such as constricted breast deformity, and reconstructive breast procedures following mastectomy.
A small degree of breast ptosis or sagginess may be improved with breast augmentation. Still, usually, this requires a breast lift procedure called ‘Mastopexy’ with or without implants or fat grafting.

Every surgical procedure has advantages, disadvantages, and risks. No surgical procedure is 100% safe. The important thing is to educate yourself as much as possible prior to the procedure so you could anticipate post-op recovery and outcome. Dr. Adnan provides detailed written information at the time of consultation to help in this regard. You should always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in performing breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Patients may experience mild discomfort after the surgery that is treated with analgesics.

Price starts from 30,000 AED excluding VAT. Final cost is determined after consultation and may vary.


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