Breast Implant Removal or Exchange Surgery in Dubai

Also known as reduction mammoplasty



Breast implant surgery involves the placement of  an accurately sized SILICONE GEL implants to increase the breast volume and shape. Dr. Adnan uses MOTIVA implants in his practice.


A breast implant procedure can be performed through the small incision in the inframammary fold, but if a breast lift is to be performed, this would involve scarring.


Different Breast Implant Removal Procedure

There are several other techniques to augment breast volume and enhance its appearance. Fat transfer is one of the commonly adopted techniques involving the fat taken using body jet liposuction from elsewhere. It is imperative to remember that these techniques can be combined for more drastic results.


Generally, breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If it is the only procedure to perform a daycare operation, you can leave the hospital the same day as your surgery.


Breast implant removal involves the removal of the existing implant. There’s a need for implant removal due to various reasons like a capsular contraction, change in breast tissue and appearance, implant rupture, rippling, change in implant texture. This occurs after fifteen years following the surgery. It is highly variable and occurs less frequently with the latest sixth-generation Motiva implants. In case of any doubt, consult Dr. Adnan Tahir.

Breast implants exchange

Implants can be either as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with implant exchange or a breast lift with or without an implant. The implant exchange is advised if the patient demands an implant of a different size, brand, and texture.


The procedure sometimes involves removing the capsule that forms around the implant, referred to as capsulectomy, and forming a new implant pocket, which involves placing the implant underside of the chest muscle.


The most critical aspect of breast implant removal is implementing implant replacement if required and preoperational measurements during the consultation session. Dr. Adnan will have a detailed discussion about your concerns, expectations, and current size during this entire process. It is always helpful to know the current implant type and dimensions.

Consultation for Breast implants Removal

Dr. Adnan will only consider the patient who desires natural and proportional results. He will tell the most appropriate implant type, positioning of the implant following your pectoralis major muscle. However, during the examination session, he will also consider the current starting breast size, shape, and nipple position.


Your breast size is accurately measured Motive breast implants sizer are used to decide the appropriate size. The potential results can be obtained using specialized 3D Crisalix imaging.


During the entire journey, you will find Dr. Adnan helpful; you can see him as many times as you want to get comfortable with your decision over breast implant sizes and preplanned procedures.


What is the aim of breast implant removal or exchange?

The possible reasons for having an implant removed or exchange are as follows.

  1. Breast implant rippling
  2. Breast implant rupture
  3. Capsular contraction
  4. Alteration in breast tissue and appearance
  5. To change the texture of the implant from a textured implant to a smooth one.
How long will the result last?

The changes in the breast, nipple size, and the person’s age, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and gravity will affect the results longevity.

However, breast implant removal/ exchange results will last over time if accurate-sized implants are used, and the fold underneath the breast is maintained.

Will the procedure be painful?

Dr. Adnan will try his best to make it a painless experience for his patients. The might be some pressure on the chest due to extra weight.

At the end of the procedure, the doctor will place long-acting local anesthesia into the surgical area.

There might be some tenderness, discomfort, and irritation at the treated area during the recovery period.


What is the cost of breast implant removal?
If the breast implant removal is performed alone, the total cost is about 30,000 AED (excluding VAT)
If the breasts are exchanged, the cost starts from 35,000 AED (excluding VAT)
However, the final cost depends on the complexity and additional procedures.

What should I consider while recovering?

The doctor will place skin glue and a splash-proof dressing on the surgical area to enable you to shower with care. You should avoid swimming, heavy exercises, jerkin chest movements, especially in the first seven days. Wear garments for four to six weeks after the breast augmentation.

What is the recovery period?

This is a major surgical procedure. The overall recovery period is about five days, along with the placement of implants under the muscle.
It is advised to avoid heavy lifting for at least one month following the surgery. However, you can use your arms fully but with care

How long will the procedure last?

The procedure will take more or less 30 minutes if performed alone, while the additional procedure will take more time.

Breast Implant Removal