How to choose breast implant size?

Breast Implant Size

Finding the correct implant size for your body and lifestyle can be overwhelming. You have several options available, each with its pros and cons. Breast implants that are too large look fake or modified. Similarly, if the implants are too small, they may not enhance a woman’s breast size and body contour, making the change ineffective. 

In this article, you’ll learn about breast implant size selection, how to measure it, and what factors need to be considered. 


How to decide on Breast Implant Sizes and Types?


Breast implants come in various sizes, multiple shapes, and types. Consider the following three factors to determine the appropriate size and look you want to achieve, 

  • The required enhancement
  • The shape and placement of the breast implant
  • Your body structure, breast size, and shape


How to choose the right-sized breast implant for you?


Choosing the right-sized breast implant can be difficult. The size of breast implants is usually set according to the patient’s breast tissue shape. First, the surgeon will look at your tissue pattern around the nipple and consider if the implant has enough tissue support to act as a long-term solution.


Breast Implant Size


One of the most common concerns among breast augmentation patients is implant size. But there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. 

The implant size is not the same as the bra cup size. Implants are measured in cubic centimetres (cc). With an increase of every 150-200 ccs, you go up by one or one-and-a-half cup sizes. Generally, most implants fall in the 300cc – 400cc range, but the total range of implants available varies from 100cc to 800cc. 

In general, the following size ranges can be considered:

Small Size: 200 cc or below

Medium Size: 250 cc to 350 cc

Big Size: Starting at 400 cc

Consult your breast surgeon to help you understand your requirement and suggest the appropriate implant size. The breast surgeon will also consider your height, weight, shoulder, and ribcage width measurements.


Breast Implant Shapes


Breast implant shape is another major factor to evaluate for breast augmentation. There are three types:


Round Shape Implant


The most popular round shape implant gives your mammary glands a fuller appearance at the top, making them suitable for a more pronounced cleavage or a firm lift. Round implants are available in various projections, ranging from low to high.


Teardrop Shape Implant


Teardrop-shaped implants give your mammary glands a more natural appearance. The bottom is fuller than the top, with good cleavage.


Ergonomic Implants 


An ergonomic implant has a free shape that resonates with natural mammary glands. These advanced implants are designed with both round and oval bases.


Match Your Frame 


Most women want natural-looking implants. Choose a size that fits your body structure. For example, selecting a bigger breast may put pressure on your back if you have a lean frame. 


Match Your Lifestyle


Select the breast implant size and shape based on your lifestyle and activity levels. For instance, a sporty woman should not opt for larger breast implants. It also depends on your dressing style.


Match your future needs


Most breast implants last for 10 to 20 years before they need a replacement. Therefore, choose a breast implant size and type with a vision for the next 10 years. Think if your implants will still fit and look good for that long.




Make this exquisite life decision with a proficient surgeon who will guide you right with breast implant sizes and types before the surgery. Dr Adnan Tahir always ensures that the implants look natural. With two decades of experience, Dr Adnan is best suited to recommend a breast implant size that will fit your frame and help you get the figure you’ve always dreamed of. 

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