“Breast lift has transformed me. Now I look younger, I feel happier, and my back pain is gone.”

“It feels so beautiful to embrace a pre-pregnancy breast again with a breast lift.”

Some surgeries not only transform your looks but also lead to an inner transformation. Breast lift is one of these, as witnessed by some of Dr. Adnan’s clients who have undergone breast lift with amazing results.

You may already know a little about breast lift, or at least have a rough idea of it. In this post, we’re going to explain about the procedure in detail, equipping you the knowledge to decide whether it’s the right surgery for you.

Women’s breasts undergo changes related to age, pregnancy and other factors. This can mean they become saggy, droopy or uneven over time. Breast lift surgery in Dubai can be the ideal solution to recreate your breasts, giving them the shape and volume that you desire. Let’s find out more.


What is a breast lift?


Breast lift, also known as mastopexy in Dubai, is a surgical procedure that removes excess sagging breast skin and tightens the underlying breast tissues to give them a supple, firm and youthful appearance.

The areolas (the dark pigmented areas on the breasts) may also expand with sagging skin and these can also be repositioned as part of the procedure.

Pregnancy, weight gain followed by weight loss or ageing can affect the appearance and feel of your breasts. Breast lift surgery can reshape your breasts to restore or improve on their previous appearance and feel.

Breast lift is a simple surgical procedure that can be combined with other surgeries to enhance your breasts.


Am I a candidate for breast lift?


You are a suitable candidate if:

  • Your breasts are saggy
  • You have undergone massive weight loss that has caused your breasts to deflate
  • Your nipples point downwards
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical
  • You aren’t planning future pregnancies and you want to reshape your breasts
  • You have lost confidence due to changes in your breasts
  • You need a breast lift for professional reasons

Mastopexy in Dubai is a tried-and-tested procedure and is extremely safe. But if you are considering it, you are sure to have many questions and may have heard some myths around the procedure.

That’s why we’ve written this guide to breast lifts so you are empowered to make your own decision about having surgery to enhance the look and feel of your breasts.


12 things you need to know about breast lift


Breast lift and breast augmentation are not the same

Breast augmentation adds volume to the breast, whereas a breast lift raises and tightens droopy breasts to achieve a firmer shape. After a breast lift, your breasts will be better contoured with improved nipple orientation and no more sagging.

Though both procedures will improve the appearance of your breasts, they have different end goals.

Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery addresses what is known as breast ptosis, that is sagging skin and shrinking tissues. These factors make the breast flatter and less voluminous. Breast lift surgery focuses on restructuring loose underlying breast tissues and sagging skin, to improve the contours of the breasts and restore their youthful appearance.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation uses implants or fat grafting to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. Augmentation can address issues such as small breast size, the position of the breasts and breast asymmetry.

In your one-to-one consultation, Dr. Adnan will explain which procedure is right for you whether you should go for both to achieve the look you desire.

Breasts may look bigger after a breast lift

Your breasts may look big for a few weeks after surgery due to swelling, which will subside on its own. During your one-to-one discussion with Dr. Adnan, he will explain to you what you can expect from breast surgery.

The nipples are repositioned while keeping the blood supply intact

Clients who are not fully aware of the procedure think the nipples are cut, removed and then reattached in a new position. This is not the case at all! When the nipples are repositioned they are still connected to their blood supply. As the breasts heal, the blood vessels regrow and function just as before.

This means that you should be able to breastfeed in the future, as long as your breasts have fully healed.

The areola and nipple are adjusted as part of the surgery

Readjusting the areola is one of the main objects in breast lift surgery.

The skin of the areolar also expands and sags due to various factors such as ageing, changes during breastfeeding and excess weight loss. A breast lift procedure will raise the entire breast mound and readjust the areolar size, shape and orientation.

Before every procedure, Dr. Adnan creates a surgical plan so that you get the result you want – uplifted, symmetrical and beautifully positioned breasts.

Breast lift and breast augmentation can be combined

In many cases, a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation is recommended to give breasts the fullness, size and shape that is desired.

In some cases, when a woman wishes to correct sagging, flat breasts but has adequate volume, breast lift is sufficient. However, if you have flatter, disproportionate and small breasts relative to your body type, Dr. Adnan may recommend a breast lift with breast augmentation, explaining why this is the way to go.

You may experience shooting pains

You may experience shooting pains following breast surgery. It happens because nerves cut and reattached by microsurgery are trying to regenerate and function normally. Tingling, sharp or shooting pains are all part of this settling-down process and should resolve on their own.

Typically the pain starts from the third week after surgery, usually when the inflammation subsides, and may last up to three months.

Dr. Adnan can prescribe you pain relief medication if necessary.

You will need to wear a surgical bra

You will need to wear a surgical bra for some time after surgery. Post-surgery bras provide comfort and minimise movement, keeping your stitches intact and reducing the chances of bleeding or bruising.

You will need to wear a surgical bra until your stitches have resolved and no drains are in place. The garment should be comfortable with optimum compression to support surgery and not alter the shape of your breasts.

You may or may not have drains

Fluid collects in the surgical site during healing. Sometimes it is absorbed by the body but in other cases it accumulates which means you may require drains after your breast surgery.

If this is the case, Dr. Adnan will attach a drainage tube (placed in the lymph node dissection) to draw away the fluid, taking into account your medical history, health status, body fat and the complexity of the surgery into account.


Now let’s take a look at and dispel some of the myths around breast lift…

Breast lift is painful

Breast lift is actually one of the most easily tolerated surgical procedures. Dr. Adnan says most of his patients only need ibuprofen for three to five days after surgery. It’s true that if you have a breast lift combined with augmentation, your breasts may feel sore due to implants or transplanted fat trying to settle into existing tissues.

However, using the correct size of implants and positioning them properly means you should only experience minimal breast pain, which will subside within a few weeks.

No alcohol, no vitamins and no protein supplements after surgery?

This is partially true and partially false. Before surgery, drinking alcohol can dehydrate the body, which may impede surgery. After surgery, alcohol consumption can interfere with the healing process and so you are advised not to drink alcohol immediately before and after your procedure.

With regard to vitamins, some multivitamins contain ingredients like ginseng, ginger and ginkgo biloba, which can increase the risk of bleeding. So if you take them regularly, consult with your surgeon so you know whether it’s safe to continue taking them.

There is no risk attached to protein supplements so you can take them before and after surgery.


You will have to sleep in an elevated position for a couple of weeks

Breast lift is a day surgery procedure, and most patients can lie down in bed the same day. However, Dr. Adnan might ask you to sleep with pillow to support you on the night following your procedure to help drainage.

Sleeping in an elevated position for a couple of weeks could mean that you don’t sleep properly, which is not recommended after surgery. In fact, good sleep and ample rest in the first week following surgery will help you recover from your procedure faster.

You will be on complete bed rest for a week

As we’ve already seen, ample rest helps speedy recovery but it doesn’t mean that you will be completely confined to bed. In fact, you will be able to walk the same day. Dr. Adnan will instruct you on how to move without putting a strain on your breasts. Your sleeping position is also important. You should strain yourself or lift heavy weights while your breast muscles are recovering.

Dr. Adnan says, “In the week following surgery, patients should not practise heavy lifting, pushing or pulling movements, arm presses or pilates. Instead they can try gentle walking to stay fit and mobile”.

On average, breast lift clients return to work in just three days with simple ibuprofen medication.


Breast lifting techniques

There is not a single breast lift technique. The type of breast lift appropriate for you will depend on your skin type, characteristics and laxity, as well as your individual preference. Here are the different types of breast lifttechniques.

● Crescent breast lift

This breast lift is ideal your skin is reasonably firm and you have adequate breast volume. It requires only one incision that runs along the top half of the areola. The scar resulting from the incision is well hidden in the areola pigmentation and blends seamlessly with your skin.

● Periareolar breast lift

Periareolar lift is also referred to as “donut lift”. First, a round incision is made on the areolar edge. Then Dr. Adnan adjusts and strengthens breast tissue and muscle and gives it the required lift. It is best for moderately sagging skin with loose breast muscles and tissues.

●  Vertical breast lift

This is a good choice for moderately sagging skin with droopy breasts requiring reshaping and volumising. Dr. Adnan uses this technique to mould breasts into shape. It requires two incisions: one that runs along the areolar in a circle and another from the lower areolar edge down to the natural breast crease (the inframammary fold). Because this incision resembles the shape of a lollipop, this technique is also known as a “lollipop lift.”

●  Anchor breast lift

As the name suggests, incisions are made in the shape of an inverted anchor or T-shape. This lifting method is used for women requiring dramatic breast changes and requires three incisions:

  1. A circular incision on the top of the peri-areola
  2. Low areola edge incision down to the inframammary fold
  3. A horizontal incision along the natural breast crease


What to expect after breast lift surgery

Full recovery takes time. Although you can resume your daily life shortly after surgery, you must avoid strenuous activities that put pressure on the breasts.

Your breasts may be swollen, tender or may expel fluid in the first few weeks. These symptoms can be resolved with pain medication or may resolve on their own.

Most patients find that only minimal pain relief like ibuprofen is required. But you may still experience intermittent breast pain, especially after the swelling subsides. This because the veins and arteries are rejuvenating, growing and reconnecting to the repositioned nipples.

You will have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to prevent movement to the breasts and support them.

Breast lift results will be visible almost immediately after surgery, while optimum results will be visible after the second month.

Visit the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Adnan Tahir, to experience an amazing transformation in your breasts and your self-esteem.

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