Breast Lift Surgery

Also known as Mastopexy

Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai

A breast lift addresses sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume and drooping nipples and stretched areolas (the darker area surrounding the nipples), recreating a youthful shape and lift to your breasts. If there is too little or too much breast volume, a breast augmentation or breast reduction might be recommended in addition to a lift. If you are planning for breast lift surgery in Dubai and looking for the best surgeon, Dr. Adnan Tahir would be the best choice for you.

When to consider a breast lift

• When pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, weight gain or loss, normal ageing, or heredity factors have taken a toll on the shape of your breasts, resulting in sagging.
• If your surgeon thinks that breast implants alone are unlikely to achieve the contour you desire.
• If the tissue surrounding the nipple or areola has become stretched.

Things to think about before a breast lift:

• You will have improved breast shape, projection, and symmetry.
• Your breasts will have a more youthful appearance.
• You will look better in and out of clothes and feel more self-confident.
• The effects of a breast lift might slowly diminish over time because of gravity and ageing.
• A breast lift leaves scars that will be hidden by a bra or swimsuit.
• Subsequent pregnancy may compromise your surgical results.
Dr Adnan will be happy to discuss whether this procedure is right for you and how it could transform your life in an initial consultation.

How much does Breast Lift cost in Dubai?

Cost of Breast Lift Mastopexy starts from  40,000 AED (excluding VAT). Final cost is determined at the time of consultation.

Internal Bra Methods of Lifting

The internal bra technique ads support to the breasts and breast implants, resulting inbreast lift alongside breast augmentation in patients with minimal to moderate breast ptosis (droopiness). This method aims to achieve the results of push up bra without having to use one and without scars associated with traditional breast lift procedures. It involves using a synthetic mesh that is used to wrap the breast tissue in the lower pole of the breast. This mesh dissolves over time and is replaced with collagen and scar tissue that provides long term results and a lifted look. Women with skin laxity and droopy breast can result from ageing, post pregnancy, and after massive weight loss. In these circumstances, breast tissue may not support an implant adequately and internal bra technique may be used alongside breast augmentation. The advantage is reduced scarringand long term results.


The internal bra technique is sometimes combined with a small scar scar around the aerola to give additional lift. In many cases, the internal bra can give such dramatically natural results that breast augmentation and lift alone cannot achieve.

About Breast Lift

Droopy and deflated breasts can contribute to an aged appearance and can interfere with women self-esteem. Pregnancy and breast feeding are the main factors that contribute to changes on women’s breasts. However, there are several other factors that can lead to breast sagging such as the effect of gravity (specially on overly large breasts), aging process, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes. Female breasts symbolize beauty and feminine identity and every woman wants to feel comfortable and happy with them. Some women have small breasts with lack of fulness and skin laxity whereas others have breasts with considerable volume but simply droop downwards. There are several breast lift techniques that offer the opportunity to raise your breasts and restore a youthful shape and appearance. Sometomes, this involves using implants, a procedure called augmentation-mastopexy.


Practical Information


3-5 hours.
General anaesthesia.
1-night stay is usually required.
2 weeks to go back to work.
Sleep facing up, rest, do not exercise or perform strenuous activities take antibiotics and pain killers as prescribed and wear the surgical bra.