Breast Reconstruction
Surgery In Dubai

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

Quick Information

Surgery time

Generally between 2-4 hours


Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia

Night or day stay

1-night hospitalization required

Recovery Period

3-4 weeks required for healing or recovery

Post-operative Care

Sleep facing upwards, rest, avoid exercise or strenuous activities, take timely medications comprising antibiotics and pain killers, and wear the surgical bra and compression garments in the liposuction area.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Overview:

Breast reconstruction includes a variety of procedures to rebuild the shape and appearance of the breasts. Breast reconstruction surgery plays an important role in restoring breasts following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. The breast reshaping expert plans the surgery after considering a few factors such as individual anatomy, aesthetic goals, and requirement for any post-surgical chemotherapy or radiation while doing breast reconstruction. If you are planning for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai in 2022 and looking for the best surgeon, contact Dr Adnan Tahir today.

Discussing your cancer surgery with a plastic surgeon before undergoing a mastectomy is crucial because the proposed mastectomy (cancer removal surgery) may significantly affect the choices and the following results of breast reconstruction.

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When To Consider Breast Reconstruction in Dubai

Breast reconstruction is an option for the following cases:

  • To restore breasts after breast cancer removal
  • To correct asymmetry or sagginess found in the case of tubular breasts
  • To improve physical appearance and psychological well-being
  • To enhance feminity
  • To improve symmetry in breasts
  • To get firm and curvy breasts
  • To allow you to wear low-cut necklines and normal swimwear

Crucial Facts To Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery In Dubai

Breast reconstruction is one of the most demanded aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries in Dubai. Dr Tahir, who is a highly qualified and UK-trained plastic surgeon, has done several successful plastic surgeries, including breast reconstruction in Dubai. He addresses each patient individually and discusses its advantages and limitations transparently to help seek a decision. Some known advantages and limitations of the procedure are:

It is a breast restoration option for many women after multiple pregnancies.

Breast reconstruction is a phenomenal breast restoration option after mastectomy(breast cancer surgery.

The surgery can be customized according to a woman’s desire.

A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation as natural breasts.

Women can get proportionate and balanced breasts.

Breast reconstruction involves additional surgery, medical appointments, and possibly additional costs.

It can restore confidence in women.

You will not have to wear external breast forms or pads to get the desired bulge.

Dr Adnan will be happy to discuss whether this procedure of breast reconstruction surgery is right for you and how it could transform your life in an initial consultation.

Cost of Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

The cost of Breast Reconstruction in Dubai starts from 125,000 AED (excluding VAT). However, the final cost may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of implant used: Silicon-based, saline-based, or a special implant variety, for example, MOTIVA
  • The test involved in surgery such as mammoplasty, blood tests.
  • Microsurgery cost, depending on the type of flap used for reconstruction
  • Surgery fee of specialist
  • Abdominoplasty cost, if done alongside
  • Implant replacement cost

What Does The Process of Breast Reconstruction Surgery In Dubai Include?

Breast reconstruction surgery implies two options. One uses the body’s part( fat, tissue, muscles) for breast reconstruction, and the other involves inserting breast implants in breasts reconstruction; or using both methods in modulation.

The breast reconstruction includes:

Free Tissue Transfer

Free tissue transfer breast reconstruction is a low complication surgery and hence considered the gold standard for breast reconstruction. As per surgery, the tissues and muscle flap are extracted from the abdomen via abdominoplasty, along with attached corpuscles, and then relocated and reattached in the breast to give it volume. Breast reconstruction plastic surgery is done with a specialized microsurgery procedure using a TRAM flap. The muscle and fat tissue flaps are extracted only after the health considerations of the patient.

Silicone Implants

Breast reconstruction, especially after mastectomy, is done with silicone implants. The implants are gel-like material filled in silicon case placed under the breast's skin to give them proper shape and volume. The breast surgeon may or may not use tissue transfer implants In breast reconstruction, depending on individual cases.

Body Fat Transfer

In addition to using breast implants, the breast surgeon may use the patient’s body fat in forming breasts. The fat is extracted through a technique called Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT). This is best when a patient undergoes a liposuction procedure to harvest the fat so that fat extracted is processed and injected in and around the breast tissue or implant for proper breast shape formation via breast surgeries. Fat transfer also adds natural volume and symmetry to breasts. The procedure may also be followed by nipple and areola reconstruction to complete breast reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the Nipple and Areola

The nipple is the central protruded part of the breast, and the flat pigmented part around it is called the areola. The nipple and areola reconstruction is a must after a mastectomy procedure. These can be recreated using native skin on breasts or by tattooing or hyperpigmentation – pigmentation of the dark part.

About Tuberous Or Tubular Breasts

What are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous or Tubular breasts are formed when breast tissue does not form/proliferate correctly during puberty. As a result, tubular breasts appear overly “droopy,” with large or protruding nipples having wider areolas.

Tuberous breasts misshapen breasts and bring asymmetry in breasts. They are also referred to as constricted breast deformities. However, it does not impose any direct threat to your health.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

What Are Tubular Breast Symptoms?

Tubular breast is diagnosed with breasts’ appearance. The severity of this is classified from grade 1-4, (4 being the worse). Furthermore, both breasts may exhibit a different grade or presentation. In general, its characteristic features include a constricted or deficient lower pole of the breast with a wide nipple-areola complex through which the breast tissue has herniated.

What Are The Causes Of Tubular Breasts?

The exact reason is still unclear. However, some doctors believe tubular breasts remain unclear due to insufficient breast tissue development until puberty; or irregular or excessive collagen production in breasts that deforms their shape. In most cases, the ring of tissue in the areola hasn’t shaped how it needs to be, causing a droopy appearance.

What Are The Options For Tuberous Breast Correction?

Tuberous breast surgery is an adept option for tuberous breast correction. However, it is a complicated surgery. The surgeon uses an individualized approach based upon the patient’s breast anatomy and personal goals. The surgeon considers the following points while doing surgery:

  • Reducing the size of the nipple-areolar complex.
  • Releasing the constricted tissue at the base of the breasts. – Breast- lifting (Mastopexy). – Increase the breast volume and projection with either breast implants or fat grafting, or both.

Recovery after Tuberous Breast surgery

As the breast reconstruction surgery completes, the surgeon will apply tape dressings on the incisions and recommend wearing a surgical bra. In addition, the surgeon will prescribe medicines for pain management and provide instructions about how to clean and care for your incisions.

Surgery is performed as a day-care procedure; however patient needs a one-night hospital stay. After surgery, patients feel mild to moderate discomfort during the initial hours, which normalizes in subsequent hours. Patients can return to work after 7-10 days after surgery.

What Are The Complications Of Tuberous Breast Surgery?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will explain the risks of tuberous breast surgery, varying from patient to patient. There will be scars and a risk of further procedures and asymmetry. Bleeding and infection are uncommon but can occur. If you have augmentation simultaneously with implants, additional risks will include capsular contracture, the rippling of the implants, and implant rupture.

Complications can, however, be reduced by careful planning and adhering to post-operative instructions.

Is it possible to breastfeed after tuberous breast surgery?

Generally, patients with tuberous breasts have a reduced ability to breastfeed. However, the surgery will not further lower this ability if the milk ducts are not affected by surgery.

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