Breast Reduction Surgery: Benefits, Procedure, and after-surgery care

Breast Reduction Surgery: Benefits, Procedure, and after-surgery care

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reducing mammoplasty, is a process that reduces the size and volume of the breast. This cosmetic surgery helps women achieve more aesthetic and proportional breasts while getting rid of the discomfort of oversized breasts. After a breast reduction procedure, it is normal to have questions regarding recovery and self-care. This blog discusses the benefits, procedures, and some frequently asked questions about breast reduction surgery.


When should you consider breast reduction surgery?


Breast reduction surgery

You should consider breast reduction surgery if:

  • You wish to have firmer breasts to get a younger look and feel
  • Your breasts are overly big, and you face psychological problems. 
  • Your breasts are asymmetric or different in size.
  • Your breasts are heavy and cause breathing problems and pain in the neck, shoulder, or back.
  • You have deflected or inappropriate nipples and areolas

Breast reduction surgery procedure


Breast reduction surgery is performed in the following steps:

  1. First, the patient is administered under local or general anesthesia.
  2. Next, the doctor makes an incision around the areola. The incision can be a circular or a racquet-shaped pattern. 
  3. After the incision is made properly, the doctor repositions the nipple.
  4. Then the surgeon cuts out the underlying breast tissue, after which it is lifted, and shaped.
  5. The surgeon then removes excess skin, tissues, and fat. Liposuction can also be used to remove extra fat if required.
  6. Finally, incisions are irrigated to reshape the now smaller breast and are closed.
  7. The surgeon may attach a tube for fluid drainage to prevent fluid buildup.

Post recovery and self-care


Finish your antibiotics course properly.


Antibiotic Course


After breast reduction surgery, you will be prescribed antibiotic medications. Many patients skip their medications after some weeks of surgery, but this may lead to infection and inflammation in the surgical site. Therefore, you must finish your antibiotic course properly to avoid post-surgery complications or delayed recovery.


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Drink plenty of water


Drink plenty of water regularly


Drinking plenty of water is essential after the surgery. Staying hydrated will help remove traces of anesthesia from your body and help in faster cell recovery or healing by improving metabolism. 


Wear compressional garments regularly


Bra after breast augmentation

After the surgery, the doctor will put you in a surgical bra after surgery. The surgical bra is specially designed to comfort and support breast after surgery without excessively pressuring breasts. Once you are completely recovered, you can swap your surgical bra with a regular bra after surgery. Wearing a bra after breast reduction is necessary to counter affect the effect of gravity and prevent the breasts from getting droopy and loose.


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Eat a healthy diet


Eat a healthy diet


After surgery, doctors recommend eating a diet rich in protein and Vitamin C. This is because Protein helps in faster cell repair and recovery, and vitamin C boosts collagen production in breasts. Hence for faster recovery, include dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts, etc., in your diet.


Sleep on your back


Sleep on your back

After breast reduction surgery, try to sleep on your back. Sleeping sideways can droop your newly-formed breasts to one side, and if you sleep on your stomach, your breast cells will deplete and rupture. In addition, avoid any upper body exercise and strenuous activities.


What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?


  • Better contours
  • Improved appearance
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Better fitting clothes
  • Boosted confidence
  • Improved quality of life

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