Quick Information

Surgery Time

2 to 4 hrs.


General anaesthesia.

Night or Day Stay

The patient goes home 1 day after surgery.

Recovery Time

2 weeks to go back to work.

Post-operative Care

Bed rest for 24-48 hours: limited mobility for 10 days. Compression garment for 6 weeks. Prescription medication for 7 days. No strenuous activities including exercise for 6 weeks.


Who Is A Candidate For Buttock Augmentation?

The best candidate for buttock augmentation is someone who is near or at their weight loss goal, as this is not a procedure for weight loss.

A candidate for buttock augmentation is:

  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Who has enough donor fat to be transplanted to the target area
  • The amount of fat that needs to be removed
  • Who has realistic expectations

Recovery After Surgery

Dr Adnan advises all his patients to take time off from work for 10-14 days after the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Any activity causing exertion should be avoided. If you have young children, arrange for someone to look after them as chasing after little ones can be a source of a hindrance for your body’s natural healing.

Driving should be avoided.

Prolonged pressure on the fat transplanted area is to be avoided for ten days to maximize the survival period of fat cells.

Though it can be a little discomforting to give up your daily routine activities completely for some time, this relaxation is necessary. Not only does it speed up the healing, but it also helps in achieving the best possible outcomes.

Advantages Of A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The most significant benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure include:

  • A refined contoured figure.
  • Enhanced self-image and boost confidence.
  • Buttocks that are lifted, well-rounded, and proportionate with the rest of the body.
  • A more youthful and aesthetic look.
  • Added volume to the buttocks.
  • Better fitting of clothes.
  • Short recovery time.
  • Less visibility of cellulite on the buttock.

What Are The Risks & Complications Associated With Buttock Augmentation?

Generally, the results of Buttock Augmentation results are positive and are complications rare. However, when it comes to surgery, there are always risks. Therefore, there are some specific complications associated with this procedure too. During your consultation, Dr Tahir Adnan will discuss these risks with you thoroughly.


(Some bruising & swelling) a consequence of this procedure, and some people bruise more than others. Avoid taking herbal supplements and Vitamin E before the surgery.


While the risk of infection is very rare, every precaution must be taken to make sure that the procedure is smooth and that you are provided with all the preventative antibiotics.

Change in Sensation

The patient might feel some numbness and tingling of the fat extraction area. However, it will be only temporary.

Poor Healing

Smoking may increase the risk of complications and delay healing, and so smoking is discouraged.

Dr Adnan Tahir is one of the most renowned surgeons for Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai. He performs a number of successful Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries every year in Dubai. By precisely following Dr Adnan’s instructions before and after the surgery, you can avoid the risks. In addition, you must pay special attention to when and how you should resume physical activity.

Brazilian Butt Lift Dubai


What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift, also known as buttock augmentation, is a purely cosmetic procedure to add volume to the buttocks by using body fat retrieved from other parts of your body such as your thighs, abdomen, back, etc. The aim of the procedure is to give a more rounded, firm and voluminous look to the buttocks.

The fat is retrieved with liposuction, purified, and then injected into pockets in the buttocks.

Is There Any Difference Between Buttock Lift And Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is an umbrella term for cosmetic surgery for the buttocks, which aims to enhance their contours and appearance. Unlike Brazilian butt lift, in which body fat is used, buttock augmentation also uses implants to give the desired results

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Butt Lift Or Buttock Augmentation?

You are a suitable candidate if:

  • You are dissatisfied with your saggy, deflated buttocks
  • You have had significant weight loss, causing your buttocks to sag
  • You want to improve your buttocks’ aesthetic
  • The procedure is needed as part of gender reassignment surgery
  • The procedure forms part of mommy makeover surgery

Is Buttock Augmentation Always Done With Liposuction Surgery?

If the buttock augmentation procedure is done with implants, then liposuction may or may not be required. However if you have chosen Brazilian butt lift, a type of buttock augmentation, to be done with fat-transfer, then your surgeon will need to use your own body fat which is collected via liposuction.

In this case, Dr Adnan will accurately and safely make a very small incision to extract the required amount of fat with liposuction.

How Long Does The Result Last?

As long as you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal weight, you can expect to maintain your buttock augmentation results long-term. Even if some of the injected fat is reabsorbed by the body, 70-80% of your results can be retained.

When Will I See Visible Results?

The results are visible almost immediately and you will see even better results in subsequent weeks as the bruises and swelling subsides. Final results will be visible in 4-6 months.

Do You Suggest Any Particular Technique For Sitting Down After Butt Lift Surgery?

We suggest you use an inflatable pillow to sit on and abstain from sitting directly on any seat, as this puts pressure on the buttocks and may disrupt fat transfer and contort the shape of the buttocks. You should do this for at least two weeks to give the buttocks enough time to heal on their own and stabilise.

I Love Physical Activity And Do A Lot Of Cardio So When Can I Resume My Active Lifestyle?

You can resume light activities such as walking and light exercise two to three weeks after surgery and more intense physical activity, including cardio, six weeks after surgery.

Be aware that everyone’s body responds to surgery differently and for some people, healing may take longer. In this case, Dr Adnan will recommend delaying physical activity for a few months.


What Is The Cost Of Buttock Augmentation In Dubai?

The cost of Buttock Augmentation Brazilian Butt lift in Dubai begins from 40,000 AED (excluding VAT).

However, the final cost for a buttock augmentation varies for each individual depending on the following factors:

  • Techniques being used
  • Area of the liposuction
  • Buttock condition
  • Location of the clinic
  • Experience of the surgeon


Buttock Augmentation

Price from

40,000 AED
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