While pregnancy is one of the highlights in a woman’s life it can also mean drastic changes to their body. The combined effect of pregnancy hormones, breastfeeding and weight gain can contribute to these changes, which may also have a knock-on effect of poor self-esteem.

Breasts inevitably undergo changes as a result of pregnancy weight gain and breastfeeding, which can leave them saggy, droopy or feeling less firm.

You may already know that a mommy makeover can give you a flatter tummy, but did you know it can give you more youthful and perkier breasts too? Here’s how.

Mommy makeover for remodelling breasts

Nursing means massive changes to the breasts. While they are producing milk, their volume will of course increase. But when they shrink after breastfeeding is complete, the skin can remain baggy and the breasts suffer from volume loss.

A mommy makeover can remodel post-pregnancy breasts and make them firmer and perkier so that you feel more like the pre-pregnancy you.

How is it done?

The best plastic surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Adnan Tahir, will first assess your breasts and discuss your expectations from surgery. The procedure will then be planned considering your health, BMI and other relevant factors. Dr. Adnan will take time to explain the procedure and expected results to you.

Depending on your expectations, Dr. Adnan will recommend ways to restore and remodel your breasts. Some women may choose a breast lift and some may choose breast augmentation, while others may opt for both procedures together.

In a breast lift, the excess skin is removed and the breast tissues are tightened. The areolas are also repositioned to give breasts a firmer look. In some cases where a lot of volume has been lost, augmentation via fat transfer or implants will be the best choice for the desired results.

In some cases, Dr. Adnan may carry out a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation to give breasts the right shape, volume, and perkiness, with long-lasting results.

What does a comprehensive mommy makeover include?

A complete mommy makeover in Dubai is a package that comprises:

Should I have the full package?

Not necessarily. Dr. Adnan will recommend you the right treatment plan depending on your individual requirements and desired result with full flexibility offered. For example, you can choose tummy tuck with breast augmentation, or breast augmentation with breast lift.

Dr. Adnan will work with you to find the best plan to enhance your natural beauty according to your budget.

Recovery from breast surgery

You can go home on the same day as your surgery and Dr. Adnan will advise you on care at home and how to optimise your recovery.

You will need to wear a surgical bra to support your breasts and keep them in proper shape. Swelling and bruising will subside in one week. During this time you will need to rest and also take care over your sleeping position.

You will be able to go for walks and practise light exercise after a couple of weeks. If you are juggling the demands of a baby or young children, you will need to organise for someone else to take care of them immediately after surgery, and the same goes for household tasks.

Dr. Adnan’s has transformed many women’s lives with his expertise and aesthetic surgical procedures. If you are considering a similar transformation, reach out for a consultation today.

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