Fat Transfer

Transfer fat to face, breasts & buttock

Fat Transfer Dubai

Fat transfer involves removing unwanted fat from areas such as the thighs or the abdomen and using it to correct volume insufficiency or contour irregularities following trauma, births defects or ageing processes.
Dr Adnan uses body-jet® evo for fat transfer cases to maximise the survival of fat cells and give long-term results. Usually 20-30% of transferred fat volume will be lost over time, usually in the first six months. For this reason, Dr Adnan tends to inject more fat into the designated areas than planned to account for future loss of volume.
Fat transfer is considered the best filler as it comes from your own body. The procedure may be done using a local anaesthetic, sedation, or general anaesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure.
This is considered a safe process, however like any surgical procedure it carries some risks that are explained by Dr Adnan at the time of consultation. He will also take time to explain post-operative care and downtime.
Dr Adnan routinely performs fat transfer to buttocks (Brazilian buttock lift) and breasts (implant-free breast augmentation), and to rejuvenate facial areas.
Cost of Fat Transfer in Dubai
Cost of Fat Transfer starts from  30,000 AED (excluding VAT) depending on the area and volume of fat to be extracted and transferred. Face , Breast, Buttocks.  Final cost is determined at the time of consultation.