Gynecomastia Surgery In Dubai

Gynecomastia Surgery
in Dubai

Quick Information

Surgery time

Generally between 2-4 hours


Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia

Night or day stay

Day surgery

Recovery Period

3-4 weeks required for healing or recovery

Post-operative Care

Sleep facing upwards, rest, avoid exercise or strenuous activities, take timely medications comprising antibiotics and pain killers

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes abnormal swelling or enlargement of the breast tissue in males. Though it occurs in males of all ages, mostly it is observed during puberty or late adulthood. Gynecomastia treatment methods include liposuction, cutting out excess glandular tissue or using a combination of liposuction and excision. If you are treated by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Adnan, Gynecomastia can be effectively and safely improved or corrected completely.

What are the causes of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the abnormal accumulation of breast tissue in males. It happens when there is too much estrogen in a man’s body, causing his mammary glands to produce more milk than they normally would. Gynecomastia can be caused by a number of factors, including obesity, alcohol use, radiation exposure, and estrogen replacement therapy after surgical removal of the testicles.

When should you consider gynecomastia surgery?

You should consider gynecomastia surgery if:

  • If you are unwilling to take off your shirt in public
  • If you are reluctant to take part in sports or exercise at a gym
  • If you want to improve your overall body proportions
  • If you experience psychological discomfort associated with large breasts
  • If you want to increase your social confidence

What are the things to consider before gynecomastia treatment?



What are Gynecomastia treatment options in Dubai?

There are a variety of treatments for Gynecomastia, some of which include liposuction, laser surgery, and cryotherapy. Treatment can also involve prescription medications such as tamoxifen, clomiphene citrate, or anabolic steroids.

Dr Adnan uses VASER liposuction in combination with open techniques to remove gynecomastia tissues.

What are the benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery, Dubai?

The benefits of Gynecomastia in Dubai include:

Reduced appearance of sagging breasts,

Improved self-esteem

Increased physical activity.

Emotional relief for the patient

Who is considered the right candidate for Gynecomastia in Dubai?

Males suffering from abnormal swelling of breasts, with an age of more than 18 years, are the best candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai. You are considered the right candidate for gynecomastia surgery in Dubai if:

– You are medically fit with no health complicacy that can prove to be a major issue in the future.

– You have tried alternate methods like dieting and rigorous exercises and got no results

– you don’t have any history of drug abuse or other toxic habits.

– You have a perfect weight and no history of high blood pressure or allergy to anaesthetic products.

Dr Adnan will be happy to discuss whether this procedure is right for you and how it could transform your life in an initial consultation.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Dubai

Gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai starts from 30,000 AED (excluding VAT). The final cost is determined at the time of consultation, which varies for each individual. The factors that determine the cost of Gynecomastia in Dubai include:

  • Severity of the condition
  • treatment method.
  • The number of sessions required to remove excess fat cells
  • Size and location of the tissue being treated
  • Location of the clinic
  • Expertise of the surgeon

What Makes Dr. Adnan Your First & Best Choice?

Dr. Adnan Tahir is a UK-trained plastic surgeon and is registered with the UK General Medical Council. He started his career in Plastic Surgery in 2003 after completing his basic surgical training from the Royal College of Surgeons, leading to MRCS (Eng). After passing the prestigious FRCS (Plast) examination by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2012, he finished his board certification leading to CCT and entry into GMC’s specialist register for Plastic Surgery in the UK.

Dr Adnan is dedicated to ensuring that patients understand the pros and potential cons of any treatment, and making sure that they understand how any surgery would alter their bodies. Being trained in the UK, his surgical standards and techniques are undoubtedly exceptional.

He believes in making a difference in the life of his clients and patients. He aims not only to perform accurate plastic surgeries but offer treatments that would benefit them for a lifetime. Dr Adnan also strives to dedicate time to charitable causes; helping those who are unable to afford health care.

For over 15 years, Dr. Adnan has been practicing aesthetic surgery procedures such as
liposuction, tummy tuck, gynecomastia, and most actively, breast augmentation.

Patient Testimonials


“I think the great thing about working with Dr Adnan is he really allows you to explore different treatments to make you more confident.”

Breast Augmentation

“I was really satisfied with the results. The first few days I had to keep the dressing on, but I could already see the results and it changed my life.”

HD Liposuction

“Once I met him, it changed my mind actually. If I didn’t get the surgery, I don’t think I would be on this track right now, confident, happy with my body, working out, and doing pilates every day.”


“I feel generally more confident going out, speaking to people, and not turn my head to the side just to feel comfortable. It’s the best confidence I’ve had.”

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