HD liposuction surgery in Dubai

HD lipo sculpture in Dubai

Dr. Adnan is a magician!!!!! I visited a number of plastic surgeons in Dubai prior to committing to Dr. Adnan who was referred to me by a friend of mine. From my first conversation with him I instantly knew that he would be my doctor. It was a match made in plastic surgery heaven.

Dr. Adnan was very realistic and transparent with the results that I can expect and what the healing process would be. I came in for 360 liposuction and some fat transfer to what my friends have always called a “long back” aka buttocks.

Well he definitely underestimated the results, two weeks post-surgery my body already belongs in a museum and if it was to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s it would be a record breaking sale! He also over-estimated the recovery and prepared me for the absolute worse. I was ready to party straight out of surgery (they didn’t let me). I have my whole life suffered with fat around the midsection and no matter what I did this stubborn fat just loved to hang out with the rest of my naturally perfect self. Dr. Adnan’s work is so spectacular he even didn’t believe that the before photos were actually me.

The results are exceptionally natural, my body actually looks like a Victoria’s Secret model straight off the runway. Two weeks postop there’s not a scar or a bruise in sight.

Dr. Adnan truly makes every visit to the clinic fun and enjoyable that you really forget about any discomfort or pain.

Of course I cannot forget about the rest of the incredible team. Both Donna and Janine were extremely helpful throughout the whole experience. I really cannot be happier with the whole team! The clinic is absolutely stunning too.