How to increase boob size with implants?

How to increase boob size

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror and wished you could change your appearance? And how many times have you blamed small boobs for your lack of confidence in your looks? Your breasts are what make you feel feminine and their size and shape can drastically affect your confidence.


Breast enlargement, also called breast augmentation, is a solution to that!


What is breast enlargement and what are its benefits?


Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase your breast size. The surgery involves placing implants or autologous fat (fat from your own body) in the chest. As well as increasing breast size, breast enlargement has several other benefits.


  • Adds volume to the breast


Some women have naturally small or flat breasts. Breast augmentation can add volume to your breasts and redefine how they look, move, and make you feel more feminine.


  •  Corrects asymmetrical breasts


 Every woman’s breasts are asymmetrical to some degree. However, if they are quite noticeable it can make you feel self-conscious. It can also be difficult to find flattering clothing. Breast augmentation can fix both these issues in one procedure.


  • Replaces volume lost due to pregnancy or ageing


 Many women facing breast volume loss after pregnancy or due to ageing choose breast augmentation surgery to regain their confidence and help them feel more womanly again.


How to increase boob size with implants?


Breast augmentation uses implants to increase boob size. Breast implants are silicone shells either filled with saline or silicone gels.

With saline implants, silicone cases are first inserted and then saline solution is slowly added to the case.

Silicone implants have inbuilt silicone-filled gels ready for placement. Dr. Adnan Tahir uses a special variety or silicone-based ergonomic implant called MOTIVA Ergonomics that mimics the natural features of breast fat and fits naturally into place. These ergonomic implants are lightweight, durable and feel so natural.


How to prepare for breast implant surgery?


When you visit Dr. Adnan for the first time for breast augmentation surgery, he will discuss with you how you would like your breasts to look and your reasons for choosing surgery. He will also explain to you what type of implants will be the best fit for you, for example, teardrop implants, round implants, silicone, or saline implants, according to your body type.

After a thorough physical examination of your breast, he will write a customised plan using the most suitable surgery method for you.


There are various types of surgery methods, which are:


  1. Inframammary fold or sub-pectoral fold – This surgery is preferable if you want to preserve the milk-producing ducts. The incisions are made without affecting the milk ducts while also positioning implants optimally.


  1. Trans-axillary The incision is made from the armpit or axilla to position implants either above (subglandular implant) or below (subpectoral implant) the breast muscles. The benefit of this technique is that it does not leave any scars on the breasts.


3. Peri-areolar- The incision is made around the areola-nipple area. Because it may be difficult to breastfeed after this surgery, women who have finished breastfeeding and have no future pregnancy plans are suitable candidates for this type of surgery.


You may have some pain and bruising in the first week following surgery which will subside in the following week. You will be put in a surgical bra immediately after, which you must wear according to Dr Adnan’s instructions.

You can expect to get visibly fuller and perkier breasts with breast augmentation surgery almost immediately.

You may have heard about cases where breast augmentation has gone wrong. But when you seek breast implant surgery from Dr Adnan Tahir, one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Apart from being a highly qualified and experienced aesthetic cosmetic surgeon, he is led by his achieving his patients’ dreams in the most compassionate way.

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