Inverted Nipple & Areolar Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Also known as reduction mammoplasty

Inverted Nipple and Areolar Reduction in Dubai


Inverted nipple and Areola reduction surgery is a simple procedure to reduce the diameter of either one or both areolas. It can be performed alone or together with a breast lift, a breast reduction, breast augmentation, nipple inversion correction. The areolar reduction is recommended to change the shape and size of the areola permanently.


If performed alone, it is performed using local anaesthesia, and a numbing cream is applied, followed by an injection to numb the surgical area. The process can also involve general anaesthesia, which will be decided during the consultation with Dr. Tahir.


Most of the female population has inverted nipples, a condition that also occurs in some men. Inverted nipples can be pulled back into the breast or be flat on the breasts surface. They are because of the nipple being pulled as the milk ducts are too short to enable the nipple to protrude.


For the procedure, the surgeon will either use local anaesthesia along with a sedative, followed
by an incision at the base of the nipple, detaching the milk ducts and reshaping the nipple for the
desired results.


How long will the result last ?

This varies from patient to patient depending upon age, pregnancy and breastfeeding. These procedures may last for a more extended period, but the factors mentioned above can interfere with the results longevity.

How long will the surgery take ?

If it is performed alone, it will take 30 minutes; otherwise, it will take longer.

Will the procedure painful ?

Prolonged acting anesthesia is used that will help you in reducing the pain. A protective dressing is applied to make you feel comfortable.

What is nipple and areola reduction surgery ?

This surgery is beneficial in reducing the size of the nipple and areola, also fix the asymmetry.

Who are eligible candidates?

The procedure is designed to address large nipples and areolae. You are an eligible candidate if you dislike the size and shape of the nipples or areolae. You should have good health and have realistic expectations for the procedure.

What are the complications with this ?

You may feel reduced sensitivity, scarring, infection, asymmetry, poor nipple sensation and numbness of the nipples. Breastfeeding difficulties may occur sometime.

What is the recovery period ?

The recovery period of inverted nipple surgery in Dubai is just two days as it is a minor procedure. Avoid any heavy strenuous exercise that causes sweating, jerks and arm movements in the initial days.