Mini facelift: procedure and recovery

Mini Facelift

Have you ever given a mini facelift any thought? This anti-ageing surgery tightens your skin, removes excess skin, and minimises the look of wrinkles by lifting your skin upwards using micro-incisions.

If you’ve considered getting this cosmetic procedure, you might be curious about how it differs from a conventional facelift, its key advantages, and how long the results last. Read on as we cover the main features of mini facelift surgery.


What is a mini facelift?


What is mini facelift?


A standard or full facelift differs from a mini facelift. Both procedures, invasive cosmetic surgeries, use incisions to remove and lift sagging skin. If you want to attain cosmetic benefits with fewer incisions and you have less excess skin to remove, you might be a suitable candidate for a mini facelift.

A mini facelift, despite its name, is still a significant cosmetic procedure. So before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, you should weigh up all the pros and cons. Here is some information to help you get started.

Several factors influence how long the result will last, with most mini facelifts lasting 12 to 15 years. The procedure’s effects will last longer the younger you are when you have it done. This is because younger people have healthier skin. 


Difference between full facelift VS mini facelift


A mini facelift may be more appropriate for younger people. It targets mild sagging around the face and neck, and while the effects may not last as long as those from a full facelift, smaller incisions are used.

A mini facelift also offers quicker recovery compared to a full facelift. In addition, a mini facelift can be considered a less invasive variation of a full facelift. So if you want to address issues like moderate jawline sagging or excess skin around the face but aren’t ready for a full facelift, this is a viable alternative for you.

The depth of the repair you’re seeking and whether you’re also undergoing additional aesthetic procedures greatly impact how long your surgery takes. On average, the process takes about two hours, while a full facelift typically takes two and a half to four hours.

A mini facelift focuses on tightening any residual skin, raising the skin of the lower face, and lifting your neck muscles. Sagging neck muscles and skin are also removed. In addition, following your cosmetic objectives, your surgeon may reshape your cheeks, lift drooping cheek skin, restructure the tissue around your jawline to give it a more contoured appearance, and remove extra fat.


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How does a mini facelift work?


mini facelift vs full facelift


A mini facelift targets drooping skin as an anti-ageing procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will do this by using tiny incisions to “raise” your skin upward. During the procedure, they will also remove any extra skin, which can help make your skin firmer and lessen the visibility of wrinkles. A mini facelift may occasionally be combined with an eye lift or brow lift to enhance your results. This is because facelifts only work on the lower portion of your face, primarily your cheekbones and jawline.


Advantages of a mini facelift


Advantages of a mini facelift


One of the key advantages of a mini facelift is that you won’t normally need general anaesthesia and be unconscious during the surgery. Therefore, your daily life will be less disrupted, and the recovery time will be reduced. 

In mini facelifts, the incision area is smaller and the surgeon works only on the superficial tissue layer beneath the skin. This means that you can expect less bruising and swelling after surgery compared to a full facelift.

This also means that there is less scarring because the procedure is less intrusive than a standard facelift. In fact, it’s often almost impossible to see any scarring from a mini facelift, thanks to the scars being hidden as part of the procedure.

Mini facelifts successfully treat skin laxity around the face and neck, wrinkles on the lower half of the face, and weakened jawline definition. 


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What to expect post-procedure – mini facelift recovery


mini facelift recovery


Following your procedure, you may be given drains and bandages to cover your stitches. It takes about 10 days for these stitches to heal. After that, you will make an appointment with your surgeon to get them removed.

Bruising and swelling could still be present after the surgeon removes the stitches. As certain activities, including intense workouts, can make your symptoms worse, your doctor might advise against them.

An overall mini facelift recovery period of a few weeks is required. After surgery, unless issues arise during your mini facelift recovery, you shouldn’t require any other procedures.


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