Ear Surgery in Dubai

Also known as Otoplasty, ear reshaping surgery & prominent ear correction

Ear Surgery in Dubai | Otoplasty

Cosmetic surgery of the ear, or otoplasty, is an aesthetic procedure that alters the size, position, or proportion of the ears. The outcome of ear reshaping surgery varies greatly depending on the changes that are desired, but these procedures generally improve self-confidence, especially in children and teenagers. If you are planning for ear surgery in Dubai and looking for the best otoplasty surgeon, Dr. Adnan Tahir is the best choice for you.

If the ears stick out, ear pinning can be performed to flatten the ears against the head. If one ear is positioned higher than the other, ear repositioning can create symmetry. Usually the scars are placed in a concealed area behind the ear where ear meets the head.
The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia in a hospital, although in adults this procedure could be performed under local anesthetic too.
After surgery wound dressings and a compression garment are placed on the area to immobilise the ears and promote healing. These will need to stay in place for 7 days post operatively.
The risks of elective surgery should always be considered prior to the procedure. Common concerns following surgery can include bleeding, asymmetry, delayed healing and infection, although these are short term risks and should subside as the ears begin the heal.
More uncommon complications can include sensitivity or numbness which can last several months and in rare cases can be permanent. Occasionally patients can experience thick or raised scarring which may require further treatment.
Dr Adnan will be happy to discuss individual expectations, requirements, treatment plans and post-operative courses at the time of your consultation.

When to consider ear surgery:

• If you were born with overly large ears
• If your ears are disproportionate to your head or oddly placed
• If your ears stick out prominently and you are over the age of 6 years
• If you have suffered an injury that has negatively impacted the shape or positioning of your ears
Cost of Otoplasty in Dubai
Cost of Otoplasty Ear Reshaping Surgery starts from  30,000 AED (excluding VAT). Final cost is determined at the time of consultation.

About Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct prominent ears.  The most common reason for people to seek prominent ear correction is because they are bothered by how far their ears stick out from their head. This ear characteristic can cause psychological trauma and can affect personality and self-esteem for a lifetime.  For this reason, many parents chose to get surgery performed in their children to avoid bullying and future emotional impact.


Practical Information


Surgery Time
1-1.5 hours.
General or Local anaesthesia.
Daycase – the patient goes home on the same day.
Recovery Time
2 weeks to go back to work.
Post Operative Care
Total rest during the first 24 hours; wear headband 24/7 for 1 or 2 weeks; avoid touching or rubbing ears; sleep with your head elevated for a couple of weeks; avoid sun exposure; take medication according to medical advice.