An overview of preservation rhinoplasty

Preservation rhinoplasty

In the world of cosmetic surgery, innovations are continually reshaping the options for aesthetic enhancements. One of these up-to-the-minute techniques for rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is preservation rhinoplasty — a refined alternative to traditional rhinoplasty.


What is preservation rhinoplasty?


Preservation rhinoplasty is a refined approach to nasal surgery, with a primary focus on preserving the natural structure of the nose while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 


In contrast to conventional rhinoplasty procedures, which often involve significant tissue removal and restructuring, preservation rhinoplasty seeks to minimise disruption to the nasal framework. 


This approach comprises three essential components:


  • Elevating the soft tissue envelope (STE) in the subperiosteal plane: Preservation rhinoplasty delicately elevates the soft tissue envelope surrounding the nose while carefully preserving the soft nasal ligaments. This step ensures the structural integrity of the nose remains intact, reducing the risk of post-surgical complications.
  • Preserving the dorsum: The nasal dorsum, or bridge, plays a vital role in nasal aesthetics. preservation rhinoplasty places significant emphasis on maintaining the natural contours of the dorsal aspect, ensuring a harmonious and proportionate appearance.
  • Maintaining alar cartilage: Preservation rhinoplasty meticulously preserves and reshapes the tip cartilage while safeguarding the nasal ligaments responsible for anchoring the skin to the cartilage. In some cases, it may not necessitate lifting the nasal skin, resulting in reduced bruising and swelling.


Preservation rhinoplasty approaches


Preservation rhinoplasty can be executed through two primary approaches: the open or closed method

The procedure starts with minimal tissue undermining, followed by precise osteotomies (bone surgery) and septal harvest. 


These steps lead to a gentle “push down” of the nasal dorsum, involving the bony mid-vault. The nasal tip is then refined and supported using a caudal septal strut. Consequently, preservation rhinoplasty successfully preserves and reshapes the tip cartilages while maintaining the structural integrity of nasal ligaments.


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When is preservation rhinoplasty recommended?


Preservation rhinoplasty is recommended for patients seeking nasal enhancement while preserving the natural aesthetics of their noses. It is particularly well-suited for individuals who:

  • Desire subtle changes
  • Seek reduced downtime
  • Value predictable outcomes with fewer risks


Preservation rhinoplasty vs. traditional rhinoplasty


One of the primary distinctions between preservation rhinoplasty vs. rhinoplasty (traditional) lies in the approach to handling the nasal structures:

  • Preservation rhinoplasty emphasises preserving the natural anatomy of the nose, resulting in a more subtle and harmonious enhancement. It is associated with reduced post-operative swelling and a quicker recovery period, making it an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Traditional rhinoplasty typically involves more extensive tissue removal and structural alterations, which can lead to a more significant change in the nose’s appearance. While it may be necessary for more complex cases, it often requires a longer recovery period.


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Preservation rhinoplasty recovery


Recovery after preservation rhinoplasty tends to be less challenging compared to traditional rhinoplasty. Due to the preservation of nasal structures and minimised tissue disruption, patients often experience reduced post-operative swelling and discomfort. This can significantly shorten the recovery period, allowing individuals to return to their regular activities more quickly.


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Candidates for preservation rhinoplasty


Preservation rhinoplasty is an excellent choice for patients with specific nasal concerns. It is particularly suitable for those with:

  • A crooked nose
  • A wide or droopy tip
  • An attractive nasal bridge from the front view but concerns about its prominence from the side view


However, it may not be recommended for individuals with irregular, asymmetric, or wide nasal bridges or those who have previously undergone rhinoplasty. Patients interested in preservation rhinoplasty should consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to determine its suitability for their specific goals and aesthetics.


Cost of rhinoplasty In Dubai


 The cost of nose reshaping or Rhinoplasty in Dubai starts at 45,000 AED (excluding VAT). The final cost depends on factors such as the extent of correction needed, the chosen incision approach, additional surgical expertise required and any complementary surgeries. It also includes the individual fee of an experienced plastic surgeon.


Things to know before getting a nose job in Dubai

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure in Dubai, but it comes with certain limitations and considerations:

Improvement in nose shape, angle, and size.

  • Enhanced nasal constriction, improving breathing.
  • Significant boost in self-image and self-confidence.
  • The possibility of scars at the nasal base.
  • Potential skin problems or skin tissue breakdown due to grafting materials.
  • The new look may manifest gradually over time.


It’s essential to weigh the benefits against these considerations and consult with an experienced surgeon to make an informed decision about undergoing rhinoplasty.

Preservation rhinoplasty has emerged as a revolutionary approach to nose enhancement in Dubai, offering patients a unique blend of natural aesthetics, reduced downtime and predictable outcomes. 

Dr Adnan Tahir, a leading expert in this technique,  carefully evaluates each patient’s nasal structure to recommend the most suitable rhinoplasty method. 


With its emphasis on preserving the nose’s natural anatomy and its numerous benefits over traditional rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty has undoubtedly earned its status as a game-changer in the realm of cosmetic surgery in Dubai.