Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a popular skin rejuvenating treatment sometimes known as the vampire facial, as the patient’s own blood is used to create a healing effect.

In this treatment,  blood plasma is separated from a patient’s own blood that is enriched in platelets. These activated platelets are then re-injected into the skin to promote new skin growth and texture.
Platelets are tiny blood cells that are important in the clotting process. As the clot is formed, the platelets release enzymes that promote healing and play a role in tissue regeneration by attracting stem cells to aid the repair of a damaged area.
The same process is used in the vampire facial. The patient’s own blood is drawn, treated, and then the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s face. Injections are made into strategic areas to encourage skin healing and renewal through new collagen production and fresh skin cells full of human growth factors. This increase in collagen and growth factors creates a more youthful, plumper, and firmer appearing skin.
Because of the vampire facial treatment, the patient’s skin is naturally refreshed with little downtime.

Who is the ideal candidate for the vampire facial?

Because PRP therapy comes from one’s own body we should all in theory be good candidates for this treatment. Specifically, the Vampire Facial can be used to treat:
• Crow’s feet
• Dark circles around the eyes
• Fine lines around the mouth
• Dull, rough, or grey skin tone and texture
• Sun damaged skin
• Acne scarring
• Crêpey skin in the eye, neck and décolletage areas
This procedure is not recommended for those with blood-related conditions, anaemia, or blood or bone cancers. Patients who take blood thinning medication or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) should discontinue their medication for a few weeks prior to their treatment and for a few days afterwards according to their doctor’s instructions.
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