Dr Adnan Tahir

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Adnan Tahir – Blepharoplasty Testimonial
Dr. Adnan Tahir – Rhinoplasty Testimonial
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Dr Adnan Tahir – Patient’s Testimonial
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Dr.Adnan Tahir – Breast Augmentation Testimonial

Patient Journey

Revision Rhinoplasty

Interview with Madina

Patient Reaction

Case Study

Madina came to me for a Revision Rhinoplasty as she was not satisfied with her primary rhinoplasty performed a year ago elsewhere.

Her main concerns was to

– Fix the over projected nose tip.

– Narrow the wide nasal base.

– Remove the slight hump and leaving straight nasal bridge on profile

Eva Walsh Sharing Her Breast Augmentation Journey.

“I am a big believer that you can only have one life and one body and you should do whatever you want to do with it”

There area lot of things you can change with the right diet and exercise but some things you just can’t.

Confidence is a powerful feeling and the mental side of confidence is one, Only YOU as a person will only ever truly comprehend.

I would like to recommend a fantastic and very talented Dr. Adnan Tahir at Aesthetics who literally changed my life!! It took me years to find a doctor who i would fully trust and who would listen to me and my needs. He provided me with the best advice, game constructive & honest feedback and provided fantastic care & support pre and post operation. The whole experience was with the minimum pain as was the recovery. Dr Adnan Tahir is a MAGICIAN and i can’t thank him enough.

Case Study

Eva came to me in September 2019 as she was considering Breast Enlargement from a while. We discussed her potential desires and possible out comes and than decided to go for a Breast Augmentation with Implants.


Thank You Eva for your honest feed back.

Face Lift Journey

Face Lift Transformation

Patient's journey recorded by her daughter

Mama bear under went: ⁣

Neck lift ⁣
Upper eye lift ⁣
Temporal brow lift ⁣

Her major pain points were her lose neck, sagging chin and jowls. ⁣

Her desired outcome was a natural & rejuvenated look. She was terrified of looking over done and like a cat with a forced expression. Fillers, botox and treatments were not enough to reverse the areas she wanted improved. ⁣


The surgery took 8 hours, this was not a simple face tightening. All the muscles under the face were also lifted and tightened to give long lasting results. ⁣

She had 2 beautiful drains for 3 days that the kids names her earrings lol, a head bandage, internal and external stitches and staples.⁣


It took a good 10 days recovery at home until she felt herself. She was able to bath and wash her hair after 5 days. ⁣


At 4 weeks post op she was able to do light cardio, 6 weeks post op she returned to her love of golf and tennis. ⁣

Now at 2 months post op she’s back on the the red wine, bidding papa bear around and her usual temperamental self 😂😂! ⁣

The surgery has evidently delivered I think she looks incredible, the care and attention was second to none Pre and post op and I’d like to personally thank @dradnantahir for taking such great care of my beautiful Mama xxx ⁣
⁣ive included photos of her journey, swipe through ❤️

Pictures Courtesy by patient's daughter
and renowned influencer Charlotte Bruce Alexander @fatfromfat126