Breast augmentation is an exciting prospect for many women. This procedure enables you to reclaim your pre-pregnancy figure or to feel more confident and proportionate in swimwear and clothing. And it is quite natural to feel optimistic when you consider undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

That being said, it is quite obvious to be concerned about your recovery after breast implant surgery. Prospective patients understandably want to know how much discomfort they can expect, how long it will take before they feel normal, what kind of scars they can expect, and other details.


What to EXPECT?


Patients preparing for surgery and recovery may become overwhelmed by the amount of information they are given to digest.

Our beauty aesthetic expert and surgeon, Dr Adnan Tahir, is widely known for his highly detailed breast procedures. So, if you are looking for breast augmentation in Dubai, he will always have some of these most crucial tips or guidelines for you to know about the aftermath of the process.

Have a look at the following checklist:




You may feel extremely tired for the immediate next few days post-surgery. Therefore, for the first week or so of recovery, you should plan on doing nothing but resting.


AVOID heavy activities


You must avoid any activities that could raise your blood pressure for the first two or three days. This can result in bleeding, which may necessitate additional surgery.


Make sure you have a CAREGIVER


If you own young children, toddlers, or infants, you will need someone to be with you for at least the first 24 hours, and preferably for the next day or two. Your support person can assist you around the house, but they should also keep an eye out for any unexpected complications.




For several days after your breast augmentation surgery, you may experience chest tightness, soreness, or pain several days after your breast augmentation surgery. This is why you will have both over-the-counter and prescription medication options.


NO SHOWER for 24 hours


Showering is not recommended for the first 24 hours. You should also avoid still water for at least 2 to 6 weeks, such as bathtubs and swimming pools.


AVOID Travel


Make no plans to travel for the first week or two.




Keep an eye out for the following symptoms of infection: warmth, redness, and fever. If you experience any of these distressing signs, contact your surgeon right away.


Wear the RIGHT BRA


You must wear a post-surgical bra or other non-underwire bras at all times for the first 6 weeks.


NO bending and heavy lifting


Avoid bending over, reaching up or across your body, and lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds.


CONSTIPATION may be a common occurrence


You may experience constipation during your first few days of recovery as a result of the medication and anaesthesia in your system. Prepare for this by having Colace or other over-the-counter constipation medications on hand.


LIE on your BACK


After your breast implant procedure, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. You should ideally lie on your back with your head slightly elevated.

It is vital that you have a positive mindset about all the above pointers. You should be expecting the above challenges during the healing phase and have an optimistic approach towards it to ensure a speedy recovery.


A glance at POST-OP BREAST APPEARANCE and STATUS over a period of time



Breast Augmentation Recovery


Time Period Breast Appearance Discomfort
1 Day
  • Implants appear to be high and compressed.
  • Breasts are extremely firm and tight.
  • Nipples will almost certainly be very low and may point downward.
  • Very little side rounding or bottom breast rounding will occur.
  • This is the stage after breast augmentation when the breasts resemble pecs. This means they have a squared top, little to no outward projection, and little to no fullness at the bottom.
  • The breastbone has swollen.
  • Breast bruising ranges from mild to moderate.
1 Week
  • Breast Implants will still be high and compressed, but they may project a little more.
  • Breasts will remain firm and tight.
  • Nipples will still be visible as low.
  • The bottom rounding of the breasts will be slightly increased, but there will be no side rounding.
  • Breastbone swelling should be minimal or nonexistent.
  • Bruising will be minimal to non-existent.
  • Breasts will still look more like pecs than natural breasts.
  • It is normal to experience itching or burning sensations.
2-3 Weeks
  • Implants will remain expensive, but they will become less compressed.
  • Breasts are still firm but not as taut.
  • Nipples may still be low, but they will begin to rise.
  • The bottom rounding is becoming more pronounced, but the top rounding of the breasts is still much more pronounced. There is very little side rounding by this stage of the breast augmentation procedure.
  • Asymmetry issues might occur, but it is absolutely normal.
  • Although bruising is gone by now, but you may face shooting pains and itching.
6 Weeks
  • Implants are beginning to resemble breasts and are becoming more appealing.
  • Breasts are softening but may still be firm on the sides.
  • Nipples are slowly rising to the centre of the breasts. They may not be perfect at this point, but they should be getting better.
  • Side breast rounding begins to take shape.
  • Sharp pains may still persist but not frequently.
8-9 Weeks
  • Breasts look much better, but they won’t be perfect.
  • Breasts are softer than before, but they may still require additional time to settle.
  • Nipples are in good shape, but they may still be slightly low and uneven from side to side.
12 Weeks
  • After 12 weeks of breast implants surgery, breasts will be nicely shaped and appealing. At this point, you may be almost completely healed. Some patients, however, may require another month or two for further softening and implant dropping.
  • Breasts are softening, and swelling is almost gone.
  • If not already centred, the nipples should be.
  • Side rounding is more prominent by now.
  • Surgical tapes are no longer required, but you should start with scar removal treatment.
6 months
  • The breasts will be in the best possible position.
  • Breasts will be much softer to the touch, and the sides and bottom rounding will be well defined.


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