When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?

When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery that enhances women’s self-confidence and body image. However, like any surgical procedure, it requires a period of recovery. Sleep plays a crucial role in faster recovery. 

This article aims to answer the important questions many patients ask, like: “When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?” and “What should my sleep position be for after breast augmentation?”

This article will also provide tips for sleeping well and comfortably throughout the recovery process.


Why is sleep important during recovery from breast augmentation?


Getting a good night’s sleep is super important as you recover from breast augmentation surgery, just like it is after any surgery. Here’s why:


  • Helps your body heal: Sleep lets your body release special hormones that help it grow and fix things, like healing incisions. This speeds up your recovery.
  • Boosts your immune system: Sleep makes your immune system stronger, which lowers the chance of infections, especially when you’re in the early stages of recovery.
  • Reduces swelling: Quality sleep can relax your sore muscles and make the swelling in your breast tissue go down faster, helping you recover quicker.


So, remember to catch those Zzz’s – they’re your body’s best friends during this time!


7 tips for sleeping well after a breast augmentation


Sleeping comfortably after breast augmentation surgery can be challenging, especially during the initial weeks of recovery. However, with some tips and preparation, you can make the process smoother:


  1. Prepare your sleeping environment: Make your bedroom as conducive to sleep as possible. Ensure it’s cool, dark, and quiet. And make sure you keep your bedroom well-ventilated to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  2. Sleep on your back and elevated: For the first six weeks post-surgery, it is crucial to sleep on your back. This position minimises strain on your chest, allowing your incisions to heal and your breast implants to settle properly. Elevate your upper body to a 30 to 45-degree angle with soft pillows or use a recliner bed to further reduce swelling and discomfort.
  3. Wear support bras: Wearing a support bra, including at night, helps hold your breasts in place, eases tension on incisions and reduces swelling.
  4. Take warm showers: Warm evening showers can relax your muscles and prepare you for a comfortable night’s sleep. Dr Adnan places splashproof bandages on incisions that keep your incisions dry. But you still need to take care to keep incisions dry while bathing and follow your surgeon’s instructions.
  5. Avoid sleep disruptors: Steer clear of caffeine, alcohol, sugary snacks and electronic screens in the evening to prevent disturbed sleep.
  6. Take medications at the right time: Your plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medication to alleviate discomfort and help you sleep better. In some cases, a sleeping aid may be recommended if your sleep pattern is severely disrupted.
  7. Walking: Light walking around your home can improve your sleep pattern and reduce the risk of blood clots while promoting blood circulation.


Note: After 6-8 weeks, you may be permitted to sleep on your side, but take precautions. Avoid sleeping on your front.


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How long to sleep elevated after breast augmentation?


How long to sleep elevated after breast augmentation?


One common query among patients undergoing breast augmentation is, “How long should I sleep in an elevated position after the procedure?”.


It is recommended to sleep in an elevated position for a minimum of one to two months following breast augmentation surgery. For most patients, this translates to around six weeks. The rationale behind this recommendation is the significant benefits it offers in reducing post-operative swelling. 

Elevating the upper body during sleep relieves pressure on both the incision areas and the implants, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable recovery process.


When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?


When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?


 After your breast augmentation, you’ll need to sleep with your upper body slightly raised and on your back for about four to six weeks. It can get tiring, right? So, the big question is, “When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?” or “When is it safe to resume side sleeping after breast augmentation?”.

In most cases, it is generally safe to return to side sleeping after around six to eight weeks or two months after your surgery. You can interchange sleeping positions on the back and side. 

However, it is crucial to remember that sleeping recommendations may vary depending on your individual circumstances. So, it’s super important to consult with Dr Adnan about when it’s best for you to make the switch. Your comfort and recovery are what really matters!


What to expect during recovery from breast augmentation?


Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed as an inpatient procedure under anaesthesia. Most patients are discharged on the same day after surgery, although some individuals might need to stay depending on their circumstances.


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During the initial week after surgery, patients can expect to experience some common side effects, including soreness, swelling, and bruising. Additionally, the surgical incision scar is typically located beneath the breast crease. 

While these post-operative issues are normal, they can be quite uncomfortable. This is why Dr Adnan Tahir specifically provides instructions, including sleep position recommendations, during your recovery.

So be sure to sleep well by following Dr Adnan’s instructions to optimise your healing after your augmentation procedure.